A Session for Freddie Mercury on the Anniversary of his Death.

A Session for Freddie Mercury on the Anniversary of his Death.

I would guess that over the last 5-6 years that I have had over 1,000 requests to reach Freddie Mercury of the band Queen. He passed in 1991 due to complications from AIDS. Lately I have been revisiting the music of Queen and there are so many amazing songs in their catalog. Freddie was a true talent and as a kid I would listen to Queen often as I had a few of their albums.

No, I was not a superfan but as I grew older I appreciated the music more and more. It was complex at times, deep at times and fun all the time.

After so many requests, especially lately, I decided to do a spirit session for Freddie Mercury. You can see it below:

As I said in a recent radio interview, when I do this research it is always showing the UPMOST RESPECT for spirt as I am one who celebrates a persons life when they leave us as they DO GO ON, they truly NEVER DIE. I respect the soul, and by giving that soul a voice it is showing them full respect. This is real my friends and it is powerful. We can give these souls a voice again and we do. So many in the world are not only realizing this, but many are opening up to God, Love and yes, for some it has saved their lives.

By ignoring these spirits, well, to me that is dis-respect. After years of doing this and recording thousands of sessions I have a pretty deep understanding of the spirit realms and I have spoken of it in many videos. I do this all from the immense love of God within my heart and soul. LOVE IS THE KEY my friends, not hate, anger, rages or negativity. In fact those things come from a darker place, When you realize that the love of God is within you, that behavior will stop.

In this video I attempt to reach the spirit of Freddie Mercury, using visualization techniques that have been proven effective in my Monthly Group sessions at my Patreon page. It’s amazing and my good friend Josh at HOPE Paranormal also uses this technique.

For us, spirit communication is not some game or gimmick, it is very real, very powerful and we both understand the connection needed to achieve it effectively. It is our life and we take it as seriously as we do our life. 

Can I say 100% this is the sprit of Freddie? No, but if we go by evidence, messaging and the immense love poured into these sessions, as well as the love that comes out then it is pretty clear. BTW, If you want to read my thoughts on Demons, see this article. It debunks the whole Demon theory.

Anyway, thanks you all for your continued love, support and kindness. Starting in January 2019 I am going full time with this work and research, so stay tuned for more ; ) Love you all.