When a Demon Enters a Spirt Session

Hello all! I have been taking a small break for the last few days as I have been busy with work, and even doing my latest group session on Patreon where there was some amazing communication going on. 

The last video I posted to my YouTube was to some, a scary one. For me it was just like another day in the paranormal office. As I have said for years, when you do this work there is always going to be good, and there is always going to be bad. Check out the video below, it’s well worth a watch:

Within this universe, there always has to be a balance. Love/Hate. Good/Evil. Heaven/Hell. God/Devil. 

With evil comes good and with good comes evil.

When a demon or evil spirit enters into a session, they always and I mean ALWAYS announce it and let me know. They tell me who they are and always have and while I try to avoid that aspect of what I do as much as I can, it’s not possible to eliminate it fully from ITC research, as it comes with the territory.

As long as one does this from a place of love, positivity, kindness and empathy I feel all will be OK. When one does this from a place of hate and evil then it can take over their mind, body and soul. When you go out to contact evil, as some foolishly do, it can have a very negative impact on your life. 

I was once in that place, when I would be careless with what I do here and before fully accepting God into my heart and soul. I never looked for evil but welcomed all spirits in carelessly. It then turned bad about 1 1/2 years ago and that led me to take 6 weeks off of everything paranormal due to evil seeping in and trying to manipulate me and even possess me. I thought of quitting, and almost did but then I told myself that if I did quit, EVIL would have won. That’s not an option. 

My ITC work is a huge part of my life. It helps others, it helps me and it helps many spirits. I am invested in it and to be honest, I could never rid it from my life. It becomes a part of you and when you feel the love energy and kindness from not only the dead but the living who also feel this love from your work, you know you have to continue. 

Evil, for me is just a by product of this work and the key to kicking it to the curb is faith, love and never ever fearing it at all. You can not feat this work and do it effectively as it will eventually get to you and wreck havoc on your life. Believe that as I have experienced it myself and have seen in in MANY of those who do this work carelessly. 

In any case, in my latest video a demon did enter in, and the communication is clear as a bell. I used only my phone with the Necrophonic app made by Keith Weldon. Keith informed me that NO WORDS or phrases reside in the audio bank and as you can see (in the video above) I was getting words and phrases. For me, that is understandable as I know how spirits speak but to some it is shocking or even hard to swallow.

It’s real, it’s serious and yes EVIL does exist as I have said for years. But so does love and good. Anyone who says otherwise is fooling themselves and closing their eyes to love and the love energy of the universe itself. 

LOVE is the KEY!