I ask Spirit about the Bible

Just posted a new video a couple of days ago at my YouTube channel. If you are nit subscribed there, and like what I do, I highly suggest subscribing! You can do so by going to my YouTube page HERE. Also, if you do be sure and hit the notification bell so you can be notified when a new video goes up. 

The video I posted the other day is getting popular and for good reason. It shows a few session clips from over a few days, I talk about what I do and the passion I have within me that keeps me pushing forward and I also show you my new all white and blue eyed pet snake, Casper. I also do some DR60 work for “from thin air” EVP. 

Keep in mind, what you see me do is all 100% and VERY real. It is not created for entertainment or for thrills. I have been doing this for many years, dedicating full time hours to the field of ITC. REAL ITC. What I do is something that will one day have an impact on the world. Mark my words. In many ways it already has for so many people. 

Much love to all of you!

Video is below, enjoy!