Life is Short. Be Kind.

I say it every day. Love is the Key. 

To you reading this right now, we have a huge thing in common me and you. We are both human beings, living on this earth, and both of us were born into it without a choice.

We were born into this world without a clue of what we are supposed to do, who we are supposed to be and we have no clue as to what we are supposed to accomplish while here. It’s a funny thing this thing we call life. 

We grow up and learn from our peers what is right and what is wrong. Though much of that is skewed, and some, especially today, are so full of hate and negativity it truly worries me… for our future generations. 

Life is Short. We should take advantage of this gift we have been given, and try our best to get it right and allow our soul to be lifted and enlightened instead of drug down to darkness. When this happens, it is hard to get out of that darkness and negativity but we all are capable of doing it and enlightening our soul which will make life SO MUCH nicer. 

BTW, getting it right does not in any way involve hate, anger, greed, jealousy or hurting others to build yourself up. Every day I see people bully others, and I was just experiencing that in person during recent travel. I was not being bullied but I saw a weak man bully another to bring attention to himself. Usually this happens because the bully needs constant approval and validation from others, so he bullies thinking he is looking cool to others. The reality is, bullies are ALWAYS the weakest souls there are. Bullies are the opposite of strong and are doing exactly what we SHOULD NOT be doing while on this earth.

Negativity like that is not a winning strategy. Hate is not a winning strategy. It never has been and never will be. Time and again I see those go down the negativity track only to hurt themselves, their career, and they are almost always miserable inside in some ways. Many struggle from depression and lash out at others to lift themselves, which ends up being a very short term solution for them. Again, we are here for a short time and hate is not the answer to what our soul needs to learn while here. 

Even if we live to be 105 years of age it is short. Physical life here is short. Some of us lose our life at an early age. Some at or before birth, some in our teen years, some in our 20’s and so on. 

Me, turning 49 VERY soon, I have successfully lived, almost, to be a half of a century old. When you put it like that it sounds very old indeed. But for me, turning 49 just means a variety of positive things. 

I am more wiser than I have ever been. I am more responsible than I have ever been. I no longer want for material things as I have grown past the material age of my life. I am smarter than I have ever been, and also an KINDER than at any point in my life. Wiser.

That kindness part is partly due to my spirituality which has FOUND ME over the last year. I have always been soft spoken, kind, and a very empathic person but even more so this year. By working with spirits, and by connecting with them for so many years I have been shown things about this life and the afterlife. I have been told what I should be doing while here on earth, and have been shown a very dark place and a very light place that may await us on the other side. Which one we go to will depend on how we live our life here on earth and to get to that LIGHT place of love, no, we do not need religion, or church. Both of which are man made, and sadly, for profit and in some cases, corruption and power. 

We just need to be good people. Be kind. Love. Be respectful. 

Ever since finding God without religion and without church and yes, even without the Bible, I have grown so much inside and have gained so much wisdom. I have spoken of this before but ever since my Sign from God, which I spoke about on my YouTube channel at length, my life has been different. It has improved yet again in the important ways. No, not financially, as riches are not important and never will be to me. No, not in what I own as material things are just that, material. They mean NOTHING

Instead my life has improved from within by those spirits and angels of whom I connect with day in and out. They have shown me love and kindness and empathy that I did have before, but never to this level. I am here to love thy neighbor, to help anyone in need when I can and to be kind to all. Even if someone has terribly wronged me in the past, I forgive. That is where I am at today. In fact, I just helped (to the best of my ability) a person who has brought me so much hate, drudged it up with others for years, attacked me personally on many occasions, called me nasty names, made up awful lies and falsehoods about me and did some unspeakable things to me that affected not only me but hurt my family terribly to an extent they are not even aware of. Yet I helped this person in their time of need. Why? Because when I saw this person was in need my inner voice, my instinct…and the love I have inside told me to help no matter what was done in the past or even what may be done in the future. I am human, and so are they, and again we all have much more in common that you think. I am not here to gold a grudge or hate anyone. I will not make friends with this person but also hated to see them in that situation, as I felt their pain and suffering. I know how scary a situation like they are in can be (I have almost been there myself) and I wanted to help, genuinely from my heart. 

Yes, I have that much love in me these days. To see past all of what has come to me before and only try to improve the future. LOVE IS THE KEY. 

These days I only feel love, and I do not feel anger anymore in my life, which is very strange if I can be honest. Can I be angered? I’m sure I can be, but no matter the situation that life gives to me, there is always a solution and an answer that does not involve hate or anger and we can use kindness and love instead to fix many things that may be broken in our life. 

Today life is beautiful and life is wonderful. When you live life with kindness you get it back in return, you gain a feeling of only good as when you do good, you feel good. When you are kind, you feel that kindness back from the universe itself. To me GOD=LOVE. No matter what God you believe in, that GOD=LOVE. Period. God is within us all wether you accept it or not. 

I urge you all to live life with love, kindness, respect, and empathy for others who may not be in the same position as you. When you do this, you will find that your life will start to change. Accept the reality of GOD, our creator and the powers of the universe and you will start to feel that as well. I have experienced it first hand, and it is amazing to live a life that is free from anger, stress, negativity, hate, jealousy, greed and even fear. 

In today’s consumerism world where everything is pushed on us via advertising and TV, we feel like we need things or to look like a certain celeb to be accepted, to be popular or to be liked. That is nonsense my friend. That is petty. Life should never be judged on what we own, or how many likes we get on social media, or if we have the latest cars or fancy houses. Our life should be judged only on what we do with it, and when we do good with our lives then our afterlife will be one of peace, harmony and overwhelming love. 

Make a mark on this world with Love. That’s what matters.