Hear as this Child Enters Heaven with her Parents. Amazing VALIDATIONS.

This is one of the single most important and validating videos I have ever created, out of over 700 of them on my Youtube channel HERE. In the top 3 for sure, if not the best.

It’s beautiful, it’s miraculous and it can not be denied. Using my SoulSpeaker and the SCD-2 app (still my #1), I decided to do a session in my OLD session room in my home around 11PM on September 10th 2018.

As these days I also see spirit (and have validated it with them, even in this video they validate this) I did in fact see flashes of a spirit family who has come and gone through my house for years now…I mean, maybe 5 years? I thought they may come through for me here but in all honesty did not believe they really would. Sometimes I see spirit and they are quiet when it comes to the devices. But last night was different. Very different. 

I sensed them, started up the SoulSpeaker and SCD-2 App (Ghosthunterapps.com, for Windows only – I have no $$ affiliation) and it wasn’t long until this family started speaking. What ended up happening was sort of lost on me last night as in real time you never hear all of the replies. When I went to review the session I started to see what was really happening and I did not know until I reviewed the footage that I had a confirmation that they crossed into the light. THIS is amazing as the communication here is clear, loud, direct and tells the story of what is happening. I also show some older clips I have recorded of the girl and the father as well as a profound message spirits left me while in Bellarie Ohio with my friend Josh from HOPE Paranormal as they tell me what I am here to do for them. SO MUCH is validated in this one video for me personally. 

When you watch this video below you will see it unfold, and with explanation in real time. This family says I know them (I do as they have been here for years and this girl has come through in 3 past sessions, even when using a different app) and consists of a man, woman (the parents) and a child. 

In the past when I heard these voices I would talk with them but never realized what they were wanting, or hoping for. Well, it seems that last night they were able to achieve what they were hoping for. 

This to me, is a perfect spirit communication session. Not because I did it as I have hundreds of average videos and some below average videos. I feel this way because THIS is what it is all about for me. At the end of the day, it is not about contacting celebrities, not about finding scary spirits (I do not do this anyway) and not about “Hunting” ghosts (also do not do this).

For me, this work is all about LOVE and all about HELPING those in need on the other side, which also happens to help many on this side at the same time. Proof that this kind of research can do so much good, instead of using it as a gimmick for ghost hunting TV shows that are staged or for creating ratings. I do not deal in the Para drama on Youtube either as that takes away from the importance of this research.

FACT: This is REAL I.T.C., REAL research and the REAL results that speak for themselves.

Remember how spirits are able to speak to us. First they use US, as a conduit. Myself and a few other researchers have been discovering that spirits may indeed use our brain when communicating through us, and devices. They can see through CAMERAS and have validated this many times, directly. They can feel our energy and use it. They use devices, through us, along with RAW audio to manipulate and speak. THEY ELECTRONICALLY change audio whether we use a radio, an app, or an EVP digital recorder. I have discovered this years ago and have created ways to help them do this over the years. WE ARE FINDING REAL answers on how the other side can connect with and then communicate with us, the living. It’s ENERGY. ALL about ENERGY. THIS IS important for anyone who is interested in what happens when we die. 

When a sprit has enough energy, they can speak clearly and most effectively. When they have low energy they may sound muffled or not as easy to understand. We can help them with the energy they need, which is what I have been studying and testing for years now. Spirits will never ever speak like we do to each other, as fluid or cohesive. It’s not possible. They also have problems staying for one which is why a spirit can seemingly come and go, or come for a brief chat and then they are gone. Maybe one day we will figure out how to be able to help them stay longer. I am also working on that. 


Enjoy the video which I posted at the top of this page. Thank You all and LOVE To everyone here.