TO HELL AND BACK: Hell is real. New video…

TO HELL AND BACK: Hell is real. New Video…

Debby and I have been at the Bellaire House for the past few days. In fact, we are just about to head out the door to head back home on the last 2000 miles of our road trip. While there we held an amazing event where we investigated into the night with an amazing group of people.

Josh Louis from Hope Paranormal came along after driving for 17 hours straight. I invited Josh as I have to seen him or worked with him since last summer so I felt this would be a chance to have him join in on an investigation, as well as the event.

On day 3 Josh and I entered a long time abandoned house that had reportedly had extreme tragedies take place. Abuse, murder…

I just wanted to find the answer to one question. Do evil people go to hell when they die? We found that answer.

See the video below but if you are sensitive and scare easily, avoid it as this is real life, real paranormal. It’s not TV fluff (never), it’s not us trying to be TV personalities (No thank you to that), it is not us misleading anyone (Would NEVER do this), it is also not a ghost hunt (I am not a ghost hunter, I am a spiritual communicator) as we do none of that. We hone our connection and communication skills to find answers, direct and in real time and the evidence is clear.

I have said for a while now that if we are bad people on earth, if we kill, rob, or hurt others intentionally we will go to a bad bad place after death. This world needs more love, we need more respect for each other and we need to spread this love. Kindness, caring, empathy… THAT to me is part of being human.

We did not go in here looking for a cheap thrill or to taunt demons, but I feel it is much more important to show the world the realities of the spiritual realms. I love to focus on the good 98% of the time but it is also important to show the dark side so we can see that yes, we do get judged when we die.

Love to all, and remember, be kind. Love can bring us farther than any hate could ever begin to.