My time at the most Haunted House in America, and I am going back.

My time at the most Haunted House in America, and I am going back.

In May of 2017, just 6 months ago, I spent a couple of nights at what I feel is the most Haunted House in America. The Bellaire House. I have now been to this house TWICE. Once with Nick Groff for Paranormal Lockdown, and after I experienced the energy of this house I knew I had to go back.

I went back with my great friends Keith Weldon and Carissa Simpson from the Chillseekers and it was an amazing time. We captured some crazy evidence there, undeniable evidence. We also sensed and recorded some dark energy that resides at the house during our final seance. I created a video from that visit and in the last 6 months it has gained over 340,000 views. It’s one of my best videos because it documents the entire time at the house as well as some behind the scenes stuff. I had a great time at the house, and spending a full day putting the video together when I arrived back at home. The energy at the house is INTENSE at times.

If you somehow missed this one, you can see it below, and I highly recommend it:

The good news here is that I want to go back again…and I have been chatting with the owner of the house about doing a longer visit, maybe something like TWO weeks. Documenting it all. The spirits in the house are not shy, and they do speak but I want to get in there and truly try to connect with the RIGHT spirits to see if we can find more answers that before. If this happens, and I hope it does, I will be there with Debby and probably even our two little dogs as well as the owner of the home Kristen Lee. We are thinking of even doing an event there, maybe two, over the weekends to help recoup my costs of travel. Would be a chance for any of you to join me, join the house for some spirit work. 

Keep your eyes here as when and if this is 100% decided and nailed down I will announce it here and on facebook and via a video at my YouTube.