A Session to Connect to Hugh Hefner with the Wonder Box and DR-60

A Session to Connect to Hugh Hefner with the Wonder Box and DR-60

A week since my last focused session, as promised I have done another one. This time for Hugh Hefner who passed away at the age of 91 last week. I have always said, for years now, that the best time to connect with someone who has passed is within 24-48 hours. I find this to be the easiest time to connect, as some theorize this is when spirit is still earthbound and before they head to the light. So I used a Wonder Box and Panasonic DR60   in an attempt to connect with Hugh Hefner.

I did not expect that I would hear his voice, and truth be told, I was really unaware it was his voice until after I made the video. I went back to some old interviews from him on YouTube and wow, the voice is eerily similar. The messages? Again, wow. The Wonder Box really pulled a spirit in that sounded like Mr Hefner as well as said a few things he would say. He mentioned getting his “hot hair back” and that he was still “wining and dining”.

I then used the DR-60 Recorder to capture real time EVP’s from thin air where spirit and guides validated that they helped me get Hugh Hefner here for the session. Amazing. As a whole this session really showed me that yes. these new focused sessions can work, as I truly feel I connected with Hugh here. If we go by the voice, the messages themselves and the EVP validations of the session, it is hard to deny.

I am still building a new device, which will in all reality, after much experimentation…be a “Wonder Box Silver”. Using real solid core silver wiring for parts of the inside and out, as well as a “Light” themed look. I am taking my research to a new direction with only focused sessions for good, for love and for light. I am trying to raise my inner vibrations for connection with higher level spirits, and so far so good.

If you have not yet seen it, check out the video below as I try to connect (and I feel I did) to Hugh Hefner.