Connecting with the spirit of Thomas Edison? Maybe, and he appears to be trying to help.

Connecting with Thomas Edison? Maybe, and he appears to be trying to help.

Was running my newest Wonder Box last night with my Son Brandon next to me and we recorded around 10 minutes of communication. Near the end we had a familiar name come through. Thomas Edison. Many of you may know and many of you may not know that Mr. Edison was said to be working on a device to connect with the dead just before his death. Reports of him hearing voices while working on his inventions, are all over and have been for years and years. It appeared he believed in the afterlife, or wanted to at least research it. In 1920, the inventor came out publicly when he told American Magazine: “I have been at work for some time, building an apparatus to see if it is possible for personalities which have left this earth to communicate with us.” – See a full story HERE. 

Interesting indeed.

Last night we captured these messages from a voice who said his name was “EDISON”.

Now I did not ask for Edison up front but I did after hearing his name. After that, what happened next was pretty stunning as it appeared he was giving me tips about how to improve communication. I thanked him and he said a very clear “You’re Welcome”

We are using my Wonder Box Gold and the SCD-2 App from  (The SCD-2 is ITC Software for Windows OS Only).

The night before we recorded this using the Wonder Box Gold…

Spirit communication is improving at a rapid rate and myself and a select few others are on top of it, trying our best to get to that holy grail of connecting with the dead. I will say that the gear, the boxes and apps…they only are 50% of it, and we, the operators who choose to do this research day in and out, are the other 50%. Without a connection to the spirit realm, a solid one, we can never get to that solid connection point. I feel I am almost there as I work just as hard on my connection every day as I do making my devices. I think this is where many people maybe slack (though some do really work at it)….building that connection as they want to rely on the gear or apps instead of using both to maximize the connection. I am telling you all now, you HAVE to build that connection to get to this high level of communication.

Over the years I have introduced things to ITC that truly help with communication. Things like reverb, magnetic energy, human energy, orgone energy, pitch shifting, and about 10 other things. My Wonder Box Gold that I just completed has 24 parts that make it what it is, inside and out. Nothing exists like it and soon I will have a full session video using it, and with several modes for using radios, apps and even dual reverb (one for max response and one for max clarity) as well as a mode I have not even shown yet that sometimes creeps me out a little.

While not perfect (maybe it never will be) we are the closest we have ever been to those one on one conversations with ghosts that many have dreamt of for years. This is the closest we have ever come to that, in the history of life. I can only imagine where this will all be in 10 years from now. I am already seeing more and more people accepting of this. When I started most who did this research were in the shadows, seemingly afraid to come out publicly with what they were doing. Today there are thousands doing this all over the world, and not afraid to show what they are discovering to the public. This is good, and will only push this forward, onward and upward to improve this connection we are building.

Crazy stuff my fiends, crazy stuff. BUT, to those who enjoy these discoveries, AMAZING stuff indeed. BTW, do not forget I have a Wonder Box Custom on Ebay now and am finishing it up today, and it is gorgeous. A new custom hand wound human energy transfer antenna with three important crystals embedded was attached and this is one gorgeous Wonder Box. I will have pictures and video of it next week, but the auction is HERE. It ends in less than 3 days.