Connecting with my Fathers Spirit? You MUST See this Session!

Connecting with my Fathers Spirit? You MUST See this Session!

Good day everyone. It is Sunday April 23rd and a wonderful day once again. Here in Sunny AZ it is going to be in the mid 90’s as a brutal summer is heading our way here. So as I sit and type these words at 9AM, I am already feeling the heat. Phew.

Last night I recorded a session with the Wonder Box, and tested the new Free Android app, VORTEX GLOBAL.

I love the original VORTEX app, and the Global version uses foreign language radio scanning, so no English. This is awesome as it proves my theory that I shared years ago now…that spirits simply MANIPULATE AUDIO to speak to us. They speak to us in the language we speak, and speak to them. This video is even more proof of this.

I also used Spiritus as it just had an nice big update. At the end of this video, the clear woman speaking? That is from Spiritus. So check that app out on Android or iOS if you want a very nice polished and well made ITC app. It is in fact the ONLY app I recommend on iOS. It works.

As we know, when using these apps with a Wonder Box, they will be enhanced but you do not need a WB to use these apps. I get much better results with the WB and more clarity and more direct answers, so. this is why I use it of course. The WB is designed to help give spirits more of the energy they need to speak easier. It works, it’s serious and I LOVE IT!

Me and my Father in Iowa on my 1st big fishing trip and look what we caught ; ) 

But last night I recorded this as part 1 of what will be several ongoing sessions to try to connect with my Father. It is never easy to get a connection with one spirit and hold it for long. It’s as if spirits just come and. go, always flowing in and out. Not even sure if they have control over this. We just do not know…yet.

But I figured I would start this as a concentrated effort to truly see if I can reach out and connect with my Father. The very 1st try here I had amazing validations that I did not expect.

Me and my Dad on the day of my 8th grade graduation. 

Now, my Fathers name is mentioned ALL THE TIME. They have told me so many times that he stands with me, he helps me connect with them, and he is sort of a guide leading me and helping me with the other side. Hey, they say it, not me.

Now many would say “THESE ARE JUST DEMONS STEVE” and to that, once again, I say…Hmmmm. Lol. What would the purpose be of these Demons to do this? It doesn’t hurt me, it does not do anything but make me more intrigued. In other words, by a Demon playing a trick like this? There would be no purpose! If a Demon is around, they tell me. It’s never a secret. According to my sessions over the years I have conversed with Demons, Ghosts, Angels – good and bad. They are NEVER shy about telling you of they are bad or good. So the whole “They will trick you” theory is just that, a theory made by religious folks without any proof or evidence to back it up.

I feel the “trick you” theory is a dumb one as there is no end game there for the demon. Again, I ask…if they did that hurt me? It’s not like the next day they say “Got ya”! lol.

As I have said for years, I go by reality and real evidence gathered over several years. My sessions, my notes, my unpublished sessions. My professional opinion? No, Demons do NOT trick anyone, and yes there is BAD and GOOD in the spirit realms.

So with all of that said, last night session was amazing. Many would have never known but when the name GLORIA is said, well, that was the name of my Fathers first wife, before he married my Mother. They validated he was there, they said he was there next to the box, that name was mentioned, and well…have a look at the video and see for yourself ; )