LIVE! Connecting to a callers loved one during a live broadcast, with STUNNING Validations

LIVE! Connecting to a callers loved one during a live broadcast, with STUNNING Validations!

Wow. Just wow. That’s all I can say along with my colleagues in the ITC field who participated with me last night for a live broadcast of Jason Blands Paranormal Soup. 

For two hours myself and good positive friends of the field (Keith & Carissa of the Chillseekers, Michael Todd Phillips, Medium Katrina Cooper, Jamie Demelos, Jeffrey Chan, Rob Autrey, and BIll Perry P of Pumkinhead Paranormal) all sat in with Jason Bland for a New Years show.

We all had devices with us and we each did a short session (still have to go over the audio from those as most replies are heard at playback). Some with apps like Spiritus, Portal Plus, and others with a PSB7 and Portal.

Near the end of the show a caller called in to ask if one of us could connect with her lost friend, Doreen.

I volunteered as I had my little Mini Portal and P-SB7 hooked up. So I focused… we all focused on Rody and her request. Validations were coming in, though the P-SB7 is not the best for sound quality. But relevant solid validations.

Then, when Rody talked about her and her friend being called “Peanut Butter and Jelly” something amazing happened. I asked the spirit of Doreen to say Jelly or Peanut Butter for validation. Then… we heard a loud and clear voice say JELLY…then again. THEN PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY. When asked who said that, through the BOX we hear “IT WAS ME” in the same voice. But the main EVP’s of peanut butter and jelly was as if the voice was coming through the PHONE CALL itself!

We are still unsure though if the main voices were EVP’s through the system of the show or from the box. It was hard to tell but at playback it was SO loud and clear. They did not seem that loud live in real time but they are LOUD and CLEAR and Rody got her validation.

This is what it is all about my friends. Enjoy the video of this session for Rody, which again was done LIVE on YouTube on Paranormal Soup’s New years day 2017 episode. Be sure to check out Paranormal Soup, it’s a GREAT live show put on by Jason with some great people in the ITC field. 

See it below.