A Spirit Session using only the Spiritus app and my Phone. Wow.

A Spirit Session using only the Spiritus app and my Phone. Wow. George Michael’s voice? I think so. 

It’s been a while since I have done a session with only an app, without my Portal Wonder Box. Since I sold my personal Wonder Box recently (to build an all new one for myself with my latest ideas) I actually do not have a portal here at all right now.

I came down with the flu and spent the last 5 days resting instead of building a new box for myself. So yesterday I was starting to feel better and I thought “I have not done a Spiritus session in a while”…so I pulled out my iPhone and opened up the Spiritus app and recorded a short session. What happened surprised me as I feel I captured THE VOICE of George Michael. if you know his voice, you will recognize it when it comes in around 3/4 in to this video, RIGHT AFTER I ask him to speak in his own voice. Now, I was not using a speaker, or anything. Just my phone speaker and that voice is NOT in the Spiritus banks, anywhere. It is true though that the best shot of connecting with a particular spirit is to try within the 1st 48 hours, but that could also extend to a week as it did with my original Robin Williams sessions, all recorded during the week of his death.

This session was to me, to be a test of my connection. Since the Portal makes it easier to get spirit replies, and I have been using one for a long time now, would my connection allow me to just use the app alone and get the same kind of replies? I did not think so, but I was not disappointed (only in the sound quality due to the cheap phone speaker). They spoke to me as usual and while not as conversational as a Portal would allow, it was still amazing for just using the phone.


Watch the video above and then read the rest here as I will explain the Spiritus app for those who are not aware of it.

The Spiritus app is available on iOS or Android and was created by my good friend Keith Weldon. Most apps for ITC communication these days are implemented all wrong, but a handful are very effective for true communication. Those who makes apps that know how spirits communicate with us, well, those are the apps that work the best in my experience. Spiritus is one of them.

The way spirits speak to us, and many still do not realize this, is by manipulation of audio. If we use a scanning radio hack, or franks box, or whatever, spirits take that audio we give them, and use it to form words and phrases. The old problems with the scanning radios was many made them to be fast scanning, or filled with white noise. White noise HINDERS spirit replies as they are mostly hidden within or behind the noise. Fast scanning can yield replies but it is MUCH harder for the spirits to use that audio, and the results are usually one or two world replies or VERY fast noisy hard to hear strung together pieces of audio to form words. It also takes forever to review the audio…just 15 minute of recording can take 4 hours of review.

Not ideal.

Today, good ITC apps are superior to scanning radios for ITC communication. This is fact and has been proven, but what we want to see in a truly great app is one of two things for them to be truly effective.

  1. Audio Banks created with the sole purpose of spirit manipulation or
  2. Live IP scans that scan internet NOISE FREE radio, but not scanning in a fast way like the old school radios. Rather, what is ideal is to offer a slow scan, along with one other thing that I will not divulge here. This gives the spirits an opportunity to be fed CLEAR vocal audio, in longer lengths so they can manipulate and change it to form a short sentence, a one word reply or even a long sentence reply, in crystal clarity.

One app that does this live IP Scan correctly and is a match made in heaven for anyone who owns a portal, is PORTAL PLUS, an app made by Matt Payne of Paranormal Shadows UK with input from myself. If you own a portal or wonder box, set the IP scan to 3000 MS, set your noise reduction on your portal to noon, reverb to the usual and even engage your direct line reverse mode to make it un-debunkable if you like. Record the session and ask your questions. Play back the audio and if you have even a small connection, and you are serious about this work, you will get replies to your questions. If you have a deep connection like myself and some others do, you can have conversations, albeit small ones. If you do not own a portal, you can still use the app as it also has audio banks in reverse. Feel free to try in either mode. The app is only $2 and well worth it. It has given me some of the best most conversational communication in all of my years in ITC.

With this Spiritus app, Keith Weldon created 4 banks of audio with the sole purpose of spirit communication. Yes, Keith Weldon made the app even though some weird obsessive guy is out there claiming he did not. I beta tested it before release, and Keith even flew to AZ to show me the beta. So to be clear, Keith made, cut, and recorded the audio banks himself, the implementation, and the layout. He had his good friend code the app for release after extensive testing. It seems there are a couple oddballs out there in this ITC field claiming they created everything and hate on anyone who makes, creates or does something good or incredible in this field. They slam the good people with lies and hate and unfortunately, some believe the BS. But what I say about that is anyone who believes people like that, I would not want following me anyway. They are not in it for the research, rather they thrive on the drama, as the drama gets them attention, which is what they want. I stay drama fee as all I care about is the research. Period.

But back to the Spiritus app…

The banks, some are even played in reverse, some are whispers…but I use bank 2 as I did in this video. if you download this app, play bank 2, you may just hear gibberish. If you have a connection and record the session, spirits will then manipulate the audio from the banks and answer your questions. That is how it works. There are many falsities put out there about ITC apps, mostly from radio guys who refuse to move on to new technology that is indeed better and provides much clearer results. But even so, the most important thing with ANY ITC device or radio is the person doing the session. If you are a negative person, do not believe in spirits, think it is a joke or game..spirits will most likely not talk with you much, if at all. Spirits sense our intent, and when they know we are trying to reach them for the right reasons, they will talk to us. This work is not for everyone, nor will spirits react to everyone. I learned this over the years. But if one focuses, has a positive mindset, and truly cares about this incredible research along with some dedication then the sky is the limit as to what you can achieve.

BTW, Spiritus is unique as it also has a VISUAL mode where we can possibly capture images of the dead as well as their voice. Below is one I captured during my 1st try with it:

The theory is, spirits can manipulate visual things such as smoke, water and in the case of the app, graphics. Using particles the hope is spirits can change-up the particles to form faces… we have some work to do in the visual area but Spiritus is a great 1st step in app form.

Spirits are real. We do go on after we die. Many of us have proven this over and over again. What we do not know is exactly WHERE we go when we die but we are closer than ever to finding out thanks to those in this field who continue to push forward and make incredible progress. That, for me, is what it is all about. WORKING TOGETHER with the best in the field to accomplish something incredible. I will not ever stop as I know 100% with every fiber of my being that we are on the cusp of discovering something mind-blowing.

You can download the Spiritus app for iOS on the app store or Android. Just search for Spiritus. For the record, I make no money on this recommendation or the app. Not a cent. I make no money on any app sold today, period. But I will call it like it is and always recommend the best of the best for today’s ITC research.

Thank you all as always. Love and Light to everyone!