A Special, Haunting, Powerful Session. A Spirit looking for his Daughter.


A Special, Haunting, Powerful Session. A Spirit looking for his Daughter.

Wow. The communication keeps on getting better, more direct, more solid and now, we are starting to hear real inflection and personality in the voices. So why is it getting better? Is it new apps, new boxes or new technology?

Nope. I still use my Portal/Wonder Box and while I am testing new enhancements I feel what is happening is my connection is growing stronger and stronger, which is a tad scary but also exciting at the same time.

I am not a medium, nor a psychic. I am just a good spirit communicator as I feel I have a very strong connection that I built up over the past several years, day in and day out. Half of my life is devoted to this work, and I take it 100% seriously. I take this just as serious, if not more so, than my own business/career. To me, it is that important. I mean, we are talking about truly connecting to the other side now, having small conversations with spirit, as I do in this video below…take a look at this amazing session…

When I turned on my Wonder Box for this session, I used the new MATRIX app made by Matt Payne. It is for Android and comes in at $1.99. After three tests with it, I can say that it is, as of October 2016, in my top two for fave ITC apps. At $2 it is a no brainer if you have a connection and regularly get results from spirit devices. I also feel it is a perfect mate to the portal or wonder box.

When I started this session though, I started it by asking for a relative who passed away the day before (This portion is not in the video above). I asked for her at the request of my Mother and I had amazingly direct, clear and relevant replies. They told me she went to Heaven, and mentioned another detail that would have been personal to her. I shared that session with my Mother and she was blown away by it. After that segment I recorded what you will see in the video above,  and again, it blew me away. This is about as close as I have come to a one on one conversation with spirit..meaning, a longer than one answer back and forth with the same spirit.

I look forward to 2017 as this technology will be seen by so many more people of the world in the months ahead, and the reason why is because it works, it is 100% real and it is 110% freaking amazing. Even ZT Amps brought the Lunchobx JR out of retirement as so many were requesting to by one to make a portal. Crazy.

I will keep on pushing ahead and am currently working on two things with my Son Brandon. #1 a “Visualization Chamber” to be able to SEE spirits who come through these devices (He already built the 1st prototype and I am tweaking on that idea, adding to it) and my ultimate Spirit Communication tool  “The Astral Doorway” (which will be 3Ft high, 2 FT wide and NOT portable, and only one will ever be made). It will take me a while to work on these but if they work out like I hope, you guys will be seeing some first tests soon. So much more is to come in 2017 as I am more motivated than ever to keep closing that gap to the other side.

Thank You