This video below is self explanatory. It’s all about facing fears. Ever since my attack a few weeks ago, I have been hesitant to go back, full steam ahead. Many have sent me emails with advice, and around 90% said to KEEP GOING. Around 10% told me to stop, even citing DEATH to me within weeks if I do not.

One thing I can not stand is when people email me with their prophecies of doom, as they themselves know NOTHING, as neither do I, or you or that paranormal expert on TV. That is the point. NO ONE ON EARTH knows what reality is after we die or anything about what demons are or what they can do.

NO ONE can tell me I will die from this, when they, in reality, have no clue about what is even happening. I have had mediums email me with messages  that they said were fact, when they were so so wrong, even citing my “baby daughter” (umm, I only have one son who is 20 years old). Some have cited experiences I had as a kid to prove they are real, except they were 100% wrong. So no one knows anything about what truly happens when we die. Can we talk to spirits? YES. That’s the extent of what we know.

My experience from a few weeks back was not an attack from any demon or spirit in my home or on or in me. It came from somewhere else, I witnessed it all in vivid detail. THREE of them attacked and I was told why during and after. It was clear as a bell. The spirits here and around me were helpless to do anything as what came to me was much more powerful than them.

Near the end, when I thought my life may be taken,  I called for JESUS (and I am not religious but do believe in a higher power as I am spiritual) they INSTANTLY left and I came out of what was happening to me, though in a fog and crying. The dark visibly left and I saw LIGHT filling the room. No issues ever since, none at all.

My health is 100% perfect. Blood pressure is perfect, blood work is perfect, head scan was normal and the only health ailment I have is allergies. I was not drinking or under  the influence of drugs or beer or any substance. It happened out of the blue while WIDE AWAKE watching TV and talking with Debby. In fact, looking back, it was a pretty incredible but frightening experience that I had. I had a glimpse into their world and what I saw was absolutely terrifying yet incredible at the same time.

I have learned a couple of lessons from that experience of what to do and what not to do.

But even so there are dangers with this work and I had a teeny but of fear popping in when I would want to do a session after that attack. What better way to squash the fear than to do a late night dark room solo spirit box session?