Sandra Bland: Spirit Box Sessions. Portal, SCD-1, Vocibus and GeoBox III


Sandra Bland: Spirit Box Sessions. Portal, SCD-1, Vocibus and GeoBox III

It has been in the news all day yesterday. The arrest of Sandra Bland for what started as a minor moving violation. The video of her arrest has been made available to the public and there is loads of controversy and conspiracy theories surrounding her death.

Many say she was murdered, some say she killed herself. She was found in her cell, hanging after she was arrested and brought to jail. She was in Texas for a Job Interview, and came from Chicago and many suspect foul play. I was asked by over 50 people to do this session to see if I could get any reply at all with answers.

Watch the arrest video 1st which explains the situation, to get an idea of what happened:

…and now, the spirit sessions where the replies and results were plentiful…the video speaks for itself. Keep in mind that even though answers were given, it does not mean these answers are correct. We are in the infancy stages of things such as this with ITC work and we can never know that what is speaking to us is truthful, unless we could verify things which in this case, we can not.

So take it for what it is, a spirit box session with real time direct replies that are quite fascinating.


In this video I used my Portal (can see how to make your own HERE), my SCD-1 and the new Vocibus App from Anthony Sanchez at GhostHunterApps.comĀ 

While there are still no real answers, there are many clues in this video/session. Listen closely and you can piece them all together. Enjoy. Thank you.


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