Just hit 70,000 Subscribers on my YouTube. THANK YOU ALL!


Just hit 70,000 Subscribers on my YouTube. THANK YOU ALL!!!

I had to write a post today about the fact that I just hit 70,000 Subscribers on my YouTube channel for Huff Paranormal. I am so amazed by this as it has all happened naturally and is something I never dreamed would happen. For me though it is never a popularity contest, and to be honest, I would still be pushing daily with this even if I had 300 subscribers. I do have to say it is very rewarding to see so many that enjoy to watch what I post, so for you 70,000… THANK YOU a million times!

I let the videos and evidence speak for themselves and many ask me every week how I was able to reach so many subscribers when many have a hard time building up their YouTube channel. I will say this: IT IS VERY HARD to grow a YouTube channel. You need dedication and a heart that says “NEVER GIVE UP” as well as the drive, positivity and passion for what it is you are doing. You truly have to believe in and enjoy what you are doing and talking about.

While 70,000 is NOTHING when compared to massive YouTube channels with over a million subscribers, I think one day I may just get there. My dedication and passion is still here stronger than ever and I never ever worry about my numbers, ever. I just do what I do, go with the flow and try to bring forth the most compelling evidence I can to show that the spirit world exists. I think this is why “they” like me so much.

In addition to passion and dedication I feel one needs other things to be successful in YouTube. Easy to watch videos that are entertaining while being 100% real, keeping them short and not 2-3 hours long, making it ENJOYABLE to watch as well as giving some of those WOW moments (which is not hard to do in this field) while remaining REAL and without the fake acting so prevalent in some videos I see. I feel blessed to have hit 70,000 and while this does not mean any kind of big $$ for me (I think you need over 1 million subs to make good money with YouTube) it means that more and more are seeing what is possible. THAT is what it is all about for me. AWARENESS.

I will never stop and as long as there is someone out there that wants to see what I do, I will keep going forward. So many things to come in 2015 still, it is going to be amazing – – more so than it already has been.

The SCD-1, a new Andre Wullaert box, the White Box, new apps from Anthony and the new Impossible Box from myself and Anthony means that this ITC train is moving full steam ahead.

When my YouTube hits 100,000 subscribers I will be giving away a HUGE prize, so stay tuned (It may take 6-9 months to get there but will be so worth it).

I want to thank ALL of you but especially: Anthony Sanchez, Keith Weldon, Heather Kat Crellin, Andre Wullaert and a special thanks to a hater of mine who without his constant attacks, backstabbing, hate antics and humongous lies may have made me lazy. So thank HIM for motivating the hell out of me to push on stronger than ever and prove to the world that yes, SPIRIT COMMUNICATION in all forms is very real.

Thank you all!!!!

If you have not seen or subscribed to my YouTube channel, you can see over 200 of my videos there from the past few years. You can see it HERE.