Join me on the Queen Mary for a Halloween Weekend two night Investigation!

Join me on the Queen Mary for a Halloween Weekend two night Investigation!

Just realized I never posted this here! I have some appearances coming up and the one will be the coolest ever:


The Queen Mary is an amazing ship that is indeed 100% haunted with spirits, many who have been leaving EVP’s for over 20 years (in the same voice)  – I have been on the ship many times over the past 8 years and the last time I went I had full access thanks to Matt, who runs the real investigations on the ship. Matt has allowed me to come back on Halloween and November 1st for a special Halloween investigation.

I posted about this weeks ago on my Facebook and the one for Halloween night has sold out but there are still some tickets available for November 1st. You can buy tickets HERE. You must choose the date, then “Paranormal Investigation”. Tickets are $75 each.

FYI: This is NOT my investigation, it is the Queen Mary investigation and I will be there as a special guest investigator. I will be with Matt as he guides us to all of the areas that normal people do not get to go to. The pool, the boiler rooms, the green room and others. All are active areas but there are no guarantees of course.

The investigation will run from 11PM to at least 3AM.

I will have some tools with me such as the new GB-1 app and Echovox as well as the new SLS camera. Matt will have some tools to share with a few of you who attend including meters, dowsing rods and other surprises. Will be a fully interactive investigation as we do EVP sessions in the boiler room and the pool changing room late at night. We will try to record “Jackie” (whom I recorded on my last visit) the little girl who hangs around the pool area and has for over 20 years. We will try to reach all of the spirits of the ships as they interact with us in ways you may not believe. No guarantees but it is always exciting.

To see my last video from the Queen Mary, see below: