R.I.P. Frank Sumption. The Inventor of the Spirit Box Leaves Us.


R.I.P. Frank Sumption. The Inventor of the Spirit Box Leaves Us.

August 17th 2014 is a sad day for many of us who are in the field of spirit communication. The inventor of the spirit box, Frank Sumption has passed away of a heart attack in his sleep. Frank and I were not friends, but I always gave credit to him for being the guy who invented the spirit box. Frank was a quirky guy and while we exchanged messages a few times, and did not always see eye to eye, I always respected Frank for what he has accomplished in the field of I.T.C.

if it was not for Frank, none of us would be using the various boxes that have been made. The Andy’s Box would not be here. The Mini Box or Joe’s Box or even P-SB7 would not be here. Frank is the guy responsible for creating this whole area of research and that should never be forgotten. So I will say to Frank “Thank You” for your efforts and the boxes you have made. Many will be enjoying and using your designs for years to come. I know you said you would never come through your box but maybe you will rethink this as it would just show more validity in what you have created.

May you rest in peace and get to where you need to go. My condolences go out to Franks family and friends.

With the passing of Frank we have now lost the third Spirit box maker over the past few years. Joe of the Joe’s Box, Ron with the Mini Box and now Frank of Frank’s Box fame. The only one who is left making handcrafted boxes today is Andrew Openlander (Andy’s Box). With the Joe’s Box and MiniBox so hard to find today (and so expensive) I am guessing the Frank’s Boxes will now go up in value as there will never be any new ones made and the Andy’s Box wait list may grow longer and longer than it already is.

In any case, my best wishes to Frank in the afterlife. Any day could be our last so to all of you I will leave some words of advice that have done wonders for me: live life with love, respect and happiness and avoid negativity whenever possible 🙂