Ghosts of the Queen Mary. EVP’s and more…


Ghosts of the Queen Mary. EVP’s and more…

So last week I was on a sort of vacation with Debby (my fiancée’) and we ended up at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA for the last two days of our road trip. I have been on the ship before and captured EVP’s so it has always been a goal of mine to  get back, especially now, and to check out the hot spots. We arrived on the ship and I was contacted by the ship’s own Paranormal Ambassador, Matt. He not only is a 10 year Paranormal Investigator (his website is HERE)  but also the lead guy for the night investigates on the ship. Three nights per week, on the weekends, he runs a paranormal tour from 11pm-2AM where he takes you to the hot spots and you get to use your own equipment to record EVP’s or do whatever it is you wish to do. He also shares evidence captured on the ship by previous guests and really gets into the heart of the spirits that reside there in words, stories and even photos.


Matt has been following me for a while on my Facebook Fan page so he offered me a chance to see some of these hot spots on my own, privately. Just me, him and Debby. How could I pass this one up? Matt was super kind to us and we had a blast walking the ship with the group on Friday and Saturday as well as the private time after the group tour ended.

You can read up on the Queen Mary HERE but below is my video of the evidence I gathered while on the ship. There are some VERY cool EVP’s and a few ghost box snippets..


Do I feel the Queen Mary is Haunted? Yes indeed! There are loads of spirits there and a few who have hung out there for years, including “Jackie” the little girl who hangs by the pool (which was my #1 fave spot). On Saturdays group night Matt even let me do an Andy’s Box session for the group (which I did not record) and we had some hits come in even though the box was having big time trouble getting anything due to the lack of signal (there was none) on the ship.


If you are ever in Long Beach and want a great tour of the ship, I recommend THIS ONE by Matt. 


Video is below, Enjoy. Beware..there is one SUPER CREEPY class A EVP that may scare you if you are watching in the dark…