E.V.P. at the Aquarium While Alone


E.V.P. at the Aquarium While Alone

My local aquarium is about 10 minutes from my house and is small, new and if you go during the week in the morning when they open, it is absolutely empty. I have one here many times (I have an annual pass) to give my cameras that I review a workout for low light and for video, shooting some of the fish. The last three times I shot video for a camera review here I picked up clear as a bell EVP’s. A few are in videos on my YouTube channel somewhere. In any case, I was here again a couple of days ago, reviewing another camera. I shot video of some of the fish and no one was there. I was alone. I went into TWO of the aquariums and in the 2nd one there were some people, two couples came in and were quiet and walked by me as I was looking at one display. During my recording, no one was around me, period. No one was in the aquarium. Period.

Truth be told, I was not there thinking about getting EVP. I was there doing my main job of camera reviewing! I did feel a presence on a few occasions while there but my mind was on the task at hand. When I finished up I did wonder if I caught an EVP this time. When I loaded the video, sure as can be there were E.V.P. yet again from this aquarium.

It made me think…can spirits somehow use water to propel their energy to an EVP? Maybe, that has been a theory of many for years. Water and Electricity. This place is full of water..thousands of gallons of water. I have never walked in and recorded video and NOT gotten an EVP here. There may be something to it.

I plan on going back in a week or two with my dedicated video camera and recorder/mic, early during the week when they are empty and actually asking questions and seeing what kind of replies I get. The joys of being a spirit magnet/ EVP magnet are never-ending, lol.

Take a look at the video below, and as always, wear headphones for best results. Maybe you can help me figure out what a couple of them are saying as well.

Thanks for reading and watching!