Capturing Class A E.V.P. in New Orleans!

Capturing real class A E.V.P.’s in New Orleans

I was recently on a business trip with a camera company taking a very cool tour of New Orleans. I knew the city had a rich history and was supposed to be filled with all kinds of spirits, voodoo, and creepy alleyways but never did I realize just how amazing of an EVP I would capture just by recording for 15 seconds on a digital still camera using the video feature.


E.V.P. (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) is when you record video or audio and hear a voice that was not there when you recorded. I do this all of the time and can do it on command in 85% of situations. After gaining a connection with the spirit world it has become second nature so when I go out to record, they always speak to me. Chck out the video below to see what they said to me in New Orleans! What is amazing about these two EVP’s is the loudness of them and the fact that there are double messages in each one, meaning, two EVP’s at the same time, both times!

E.V.P. in New Orleans.