Buy a 2018 SOULSPEAKER Spirit Communication Device.


THE SOULSPEAKER:  This is my newest box as I have now retired the Portal, and the Wonder Box and all variations of the Wonder Box. THIS Box may look like a wonder box, but it has enhancements that make communication clearer than it has ever been in the past. My Wonder Box Gold, which was my last creation did amazing things for true spirit communication and the field of ITC. There are a few teams who own one, and two TV shows that own one as I sold a small handful of the Gold Boxes earlier in the year. This new SoulSpeaker is set to move us forward even further.

As always with me, I am always tweaking and changing things with the boxes. Listening to spirit advice, and making changes to improve the clarity and response. The biggest challenge to me in the past was getting crystal clear communication with max response. It’s usually one or the other. Either lots of response but muffled sound, or clear sound and way less replies. The new SoulSpeaker changes this…see a video of it in action below:

The new SoulSpeaker in Use

With this new device, and my connection, I am now getting loads of response while the communication stays clear. I have kept and added GOLD wire, Magnetics and now have Crystals inside the amp and out as the spirits wanted it. I have changed the energy transfer antenna to pure sterling silver wire instead of copper. (It also includes some copper and 24K gold wire as well). (Spirits asked for Gold). It also has a new Reverb which allows for response and clarity. Finally. It also features a huge quartz crystal hand picked by me, and these crystals cost me anywhere from  $100-$150 each. Orgone is here as well to help keep negative energies away and I kept the same full powerful amp. Has an integrated full 8-12 hour rechargeable battery system, pro level sound analyzer, noise reduction, direct line reverse mode (makes your sessions undebunkable) and the latest VOICE CONTROL that is now custom programmed and dialed in by me. This mode alone, used on its own, is amazing when you establish a connection.

Everything, every single part of the box works together to help spirit speak to us easier. The magnetics, the crystals, the orgone, the gold and silver and copper, the power of the amp, and all associated parts..all have a part to play here. Over the years, with help of spirit, I have learned how it is that they speak with us. Once you understand fully how they do speak with the living, it is easier to create devices to allow them to be heard. This box has the capability for them to leave long sentences, paragraphs even, as well as clear direct response to your questions. As long as the operator (the one using it) has a connection to them, this will be like nothing else on earth you have experienced.

I am offering a few of these for sale, on occasion, but only to those with EXPERIENCE within ITC, or spirit communication. This is a hands on device for real and true spirit communication. But it must be used correctly, with respect and with care. It is not a toy ,a gimmick, or a game. Anyone who buys one will get a demo video with their box, and instructions on how to use it for best results. It will have a 12 month warranty, so if anything breaks I will fix it at no cost. If you damage it, then cost to fix will be on you. Each box comes signed on the back, and with a certificate of authenticity signed by me.

Another video using a SoulSpeaker I made for one of those who purchased one of the three. Testing his box out in a session. It has since shipped to him. 

I am the creator and inventor of the portal, wonder box and now the SOULSPEAKER. Each box is made by me, over a 3-5 week period. Hand painted, with an auto quality double clear coat applied. Each soul speaker will have a color scheme of “Black Midnight” with copper and gold highlights. These are meant to be used with apps or ghost box scanning radios. This will enhance any app, but again, a connection must be established by you, the operator. If in an active location, these boxes will be AMAZING and spirits can and will “Take it over” when they truly want to speak and be heard.

The SoulSpeaker in a Focused Session

Why so expensive? 

This price is not cheap, at $3995 shipped within the USA.  It is priced like this for a reason. Why so high? For a few reasons…

One, this cost me over $2000 in parts alone to make, as I spare no expense in any area from cables, to materials, to parts. They take 2-3 weeks of my time, which means 2-3 weeks of work, and well, this is time that is taken away from family, my main career and business and this is my invention/creation that I have poured my blood, sweat, tears and tens of thousands of dollars into during research and development. I have spent 6 years developing this device and what has come before it.

Second, I do not want these in the hands of everyone, as it is a serious tool for connecting with and conversing with the dead. The spirit realms. Without experience, one can tap into things you may not like (be sure to see the disclaimer below) or maybe nothing at all if you are not open to receive communication. I would never want my device to be mis-used so I only offer it to serious people who have done this work before. Those who are serious realize how important and life changing this device is, and can be. We can now connect with, and talk with THE DEAD. Clearly. How does one put a price on this? In this day of $500 guitar amps, $20,000 turntables, $54,000 video cameras, $200,000 cars, $7000 cameras,  and $15,000 watches, having a device that can connect to the other side, is to me, priceless. For what it is, for what it can do, and for the good it can do, the price is actually reasonable.

Finally, my goal is not to sell a ton of these. As stated, I want to keep it in the hands of serious afterlife researchers, as this is not a game. It’s not to be messed with or taken lightly. One must know what they are dealing with. So if I sold not even one of these in a year, that’s not a problem for me. If it is meant to be for someone, it will be meant to be. I am offering it up for those who kept demanding it, but there is no way these will be sold for less than I currently do as it would not be possible for me to sustain that. So this soul speaker, just like my Wonder Box Gold that preceded it will be RARE, and those who own one will own something special. Some have told me it’s part spirit communication device, part art.

There is nothing on earth like this device, or any of my devices. Many copies exist, but they are just that, copies. I am the one who introduced digital reverb, noise reduction, pitch control, direct line reverse mode, gold, silver, orgone, magnetics, and much of what you see used in ITC today, I am the originator. This is not self promotion, but facts, as some out there like to take credit for my work. But much of this info came from the spirits, and I just implemented them into what you see here. So as crazy as it sounds, the spirits deserve just as much credit as I do.

This is a hand made custom item, created by me, the guy who created the original Portal and Wonder Box and introduced things that made communication with the afterlife something we can no longer deny. A custom box made just for you, and no two are ever exactly alike. You will be getting the real deal. Build/Wait time to ship will be 3-5 weeks.


If you want one, you can PayPal me RIGHT HERE and then I will email you within 24 hours to let you know your box build has started. BUT YOU MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE with ITC, communication, mediumship, etc. This is not a device for those new to ITC. Thank you.


  1. These are custom made to order. When your payment is received, I will order all parts for your box and email you to let you know the order is in, and parts are ordered. This usually takes 2-3 days max. Then I will start on it. As soon as it is complete, I will email you, send you a demo video of your model of box and ship. You will receive a tracking number and all items ship UPS and are packed VERY well. In fact, these cost me on average around $130 to pack and ship, each, within the USA. I pay shipping and materials costs ; ) Once parts are ordered there can be no refunds as your funds are used to pay for parts. 
  2. NO COMMUNICATION IS EVER GUARANTEED! A connection has to be established and for some, this can take a day or it can take weeks or even months. I suggest these tools for those with experience in ITC. If you have used devices in the past with success, these can take it to the next level when used correctly. Tons of Portals are out in the world, and so many are getting amazing results with them but See THIS PAGE for a list of tips on using a Portal or Wonder Box.  
  3. Again, NO GUARANTEES can EVER be given with ANY device of this nature for reaching spirits. This is why some companies say “for entertainment only” on there devices for ITC – So I will say the same here. No refunds if you do not or can not get communication. 
  4. All Boxes come with a 12 MONTH warranty against failure. This of course does not cover damage caused by you. If you drop it, I can fix it but it will cost you. In that case just email me with details and I will give you a quote.
  5. Keep in mind that you can communicate with all kinds of spirits, and this means good and bad. You can connect with evil and I take no responsibility for fear or anxiety or anything caused by this. Do not buy a box if this research scares you, please! This is real and to be taken very seriously. Only do sessions when you are in a peaceful state of mind. Always focus on love.
  6. Each box and device will be unique and look different. No two are ever alike. So your box will be unique to you. Once you order, wait time will be 3-5 weeks before I ship. Each one is made to order for the person ordering it. 

The Wonder Box Gold and 2018 Portal are NO LONGER AVAILABLE