My real life experience and evidence with EVP, Spirit Boxes, Ghost Boxes and Spirit communication and crossover. 

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NOTE: This post below is years old now (from 2011) but I will keep it here as a testament to how I arrived at where I am today. I did update some of it in 2016. 

UPDATED OCTOBER 2016 –  Wether you believe it or not, I feel and have shown that yes… we can talk to the dead. Spirits who have not crossed over yet..spirits who are stuck in limbo and yes, even Angels and Evil entities sometimes. I don’t do this for money, I don’t do this for fame. I do this because what I have discovered after doing this for a while is that it is absolutely 100% real, without a doubt in my mind as well as others who have joined me on my trips and sessions.

My name is Steve Huff and I am a Photographer, Blog owner, Paranormal Researcher and inventor of two powerful devices that help connect with the dead calledTHE PORTAL and THE WONDER BOX.

Take a look at the video below which shows what I do. Yes, I am a spirit magnet, and while I make it look has taken me years of dedication, research, money, time and meditation to get here. Anyone can do this, anyone. IF they so desire. 

I repeat. Nothing I post here is fake, made up or drummed up from a crazy mind. I do not have the time to sit around and fake videos of Paranormal activity when 95% of my time is taken up by my full time job of running my photo business and career.

Yes my friends, it is all actual fact and evidence. You can choose to open your mind and believe or if you are a non believer that is fine as well. I am not trying to convert anyone to being a believer. Everyone has a right to their beliefs but mine come from actual experience with evidence that I have recorded for all to see and hear (OVER many years). I have also had INTENSE personal experiences, things I never dreamed could be possible that have happened to me and all of my senses..visual, audible and touch.

I know many people and those who know me well will tell you I am sane, smart, nice, caring and above all – NORMAL. With that said, sit back, relax and enjoy this article. It was written from the heart as I am truly passionate about this field because I find it absolutely incredible and amazing.

I just wanted to get the fact embedded that what you read and see and hear on this page is 100% real with no trickery involved at all, ever. It’s easy to cry fake when you are the one watching but it is not so easy to accomplish this type of strong solid communication, which I have been presenting for years now. Everything I do is real, period. 

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My BEST Communication with the Dead of 2017. Part 1

Again, this article, story and evidence presented here is about The Paranormal. Things that are out of the ordinary. Things that can not be explained. Ghosts? Spirits? Entities? Aliens? Maybe. No one really knows for sure because we can not PROVE what comes through to communicate, we can only speculate and go by the evidence we have and this tells us that SOMETHING is talking directly back to us, and many times they say “WE ARE DEAD” – “WE ARE GHOSTS” – “HELP US”. So I call them by what they tell me they are.

Spirit Validated..”No Question..Heaven Is Real”


It all started when I was 7…

All of my life I have been interested in spooky things and haunted locations, and I remember that all of this seemed to have started as a small child when I had an intense experience in a hotel room while my parents slept. It was late and it was dark but I was awake because I heard a noise. I remember there were two beds and I demanded I sleep with my dad in one bed while I told my sister to sleep with my mom. I was a bit creeped out in this old motel for some reason.

I can remember with crystal clarity…  as I was jumping on my father trying  to wake him as a man stood at the side of my bed, lifted his fist and said “you want this”. He was then gone just as fast as he appeared and when my Mother and Father woke they both thought I was dreaming, My dad turned on the light, checked the room and told me all was secure and to get to sleep. But I can assure you this was no dream. I know what a dream is and I know what reality is and that man was as real as any man alive real as I am sitting here now. I do not know who or what that man was but when I look back now I believe that MAYBE, just maybe it was a spirit or ghost. Either that or a guy who was going  to rob us…

If you read on you will find out why I say this.

In any case, that night is one I will never forget for as long as I live and it is etched in my brain like it was yesterday. I was only 7 or 8 but I can still see the man’s hair, his evil shifty eyes and his fist which he shook at me while smirking. I was pretty much scarred for life that night and to this day I reminisce to my Mother about it. After 30+ years of me going on about it I think she finally believes me that there was something in that room with us, lol.

For some reason it was after that night that I started becoming interested in ghosts and spirits but the problem was I was very skeptical my entire life up until about 2010-11. How could I be skeptical you ask? With the man shaking his fist at me in our hotel room? Well, at that time I thought that man was a “man”..a burglar who broke into the room to kill and rob us. Today I feel differently about who or what that was but like I said, this new belief I have did not happen until the last few years.

Me in the early 70’s styling with the green…my sister is the one in the chair next to me. These were wonderful memories.


Back when I was 9 I remember being in the Library with my Mom and I was looking for books on ghosts. I always wanted to go to haunted houses and as I grew older I always told everyone that I wished a ghost would appear at my bed, because only then would I believe in any kind of afterlife or ghost. I was 100% sure there were no such thing as ghosts (little did I know) and it took 35 more years for me to have my next other worldly experience…

The Death of my Father in March of 2000

In March of 2000 my Father Otis Huff passed away from an advanced cancer that had spread through his body and bones. I saw him wither from a 235 lb man to a 100 lb man. It was a hard thing to witness, especially as at the time I was sort of in a denial about the whole thing. My dad was always the strong figure in my life. Tough as nails.


He grew up as a rough and rowdy boy in the hills of Kentucky and even after he married my Mother and  during my boyhood life he kept up his rough and rowdy ways until he hit 50. Then he became gentle and much different. He stopped going out to drink, he calmed down and became much more mellow, he no longer came home all beat up and bloody from bar fights. It wasn’t until he hit 50 that I was able to even really talk to him because most of my early life I was scared of his temper. He never beat me, and never hit me though I did get some old-fashioned spankings every now and then when I misbehaved. Even so, I always loved my Father deeply. He was very strict but also taught me some life lessons that were very important later in my life.


I remember the day he passed away very well. I was staying at my parents house because my mom knew this may be his last night so I wanted to be there. It was me, my now ex-wife and my son Brandon, who was only 4. Around 6am my mother woke me sobbing to tell me he was gone as she had held his hand during his last breath. We all gathered around his bed and cried.

That is when it hit dad was gone, forever.

Later that night I was in my home which was about 10 minutes away from my parents house. My house had a nice big comfy basement  with a couch in front of a fireplace and my dad loved to lay on that couch and he did so on many occasions. I remember walking in my basement talking to him as if he could hear me, letting him know that even though we had our differences in the past while I grew up that no matter what, I always loved him. I was crying and just letting it all out. I then went up to bed, laid down and fell asleep. At around 3:10 am my now ex-wife woke me up saying the water in the bathroom sink was on full blast.

I woke up, walked out of my room and down the hall. The bathroom sink was blasting red hot water at full force and the mirror was all fogged up. How did this happen I wondered? How could a sink turn on by itself? Why the hot water? Was it my Father trying to get my attention? I then heard a loud bang coming from my basement and a rustling in the kitchen. I went and grabbed my wife and we grabbed my son and she demanded we leave the house as she was scared to death. To be honest, so was I. We thought someone broke in..

We left that night and drove around for a while but if that happened today I would have pulled out my recorder and asked some questions. But looking back I have no doubt that this was the spirit of my Father trying to communicate with me and acknowledge that yes, he heard me when I spoke to him in my basement. Back then I made an excuse for what it could be, saying things like that just happen sometimes and I left it at that. The fact is that a faucet turning on by itself has never happened in my life before or after that night. NEVER EVER. In that house or any other I have lived in or owned.

WHAT I NOW KNOW AND WHY: Spirits, Ghosts or some sort of intelligent entities do exist, and we can communicate with them..yes, really.

To the average Joe who reads that line, well, it will sound like I am insane or off of my rocker and to be honest, I get accused of this every now and then from youtube viewers who see my EVP videos as they are confident I fake them, lol. I used to go around and laugh at those who said they believed in ghosts and always said “when I have my own experience, I will believe” and for any skeptic out there I am sure you feel the same way as I used to.

But let me tell you…when things start to happen to you (and they very well could if you start to dabble into Paranormal Investigations) then you could switch from skeptic to believer within a single little moment in time. A breath on your neck, a whisper in your ear, a shadow on the wall that streaks by, constant cries for help, EVP’s captured in your home with voices saying your name and your family members names, your ned gently rocking at night waking you up. These things have all happened to me  and I am lucky that my son also has witnessed and heard these things as well, at the same time I have. If he didn’t I would think I was insane.

My fiancee has also experienced these things in my house, her daughters as well. The bed shaking with her waking me up telling me to ask them to stop..a loud voice from a female in my office that we both heard in between us loud and clear saying “Heeeyyyyyy” and other conversations going on when no one is around. We all experience it in my home, not just me.

So how did all of this happen?  Well…it all started with something called a “Spirit Box” and this is how…


One day my best friends sister sent me an e-mail asking me about Orbs. She knew I always had an interest in ghostly things, or at least that I was always wanting to have an experience for full on proof that they exist. Her e-mail stated that her mother in law was convinced she had ghosts in her house due to “orbs” seen in her photos. Well, anyone who knows anything about this will tell you that 99.7% of orbs captured on film or via digital camera are actually blobs of dust reflected off of the flash and lens. They show up as little orbs on the image. I told her this as the photos were a classic case of “flash dust”. I even went around my house kicking up dust as I walked and snapping some flash photos and I too had orbs! Well not really, just the dust balls.

To prove my point even further like any good skeptic should I researched you tube for videos on how these orbs appear in your photos. I found one of two guys showing the dust theory and emailed my tests shots and video link over to her and told her that her mother in law had a dust problem. She chuckled and said she would forward that message to her mother-in-law.



BUT THIS IS THE NIGHT MY LIFE TOOK A TURN  – Almost as if I was guided to it by some unseen force (yes, sounds overly dramatic but man oh man is it true)

As I researched YouTube I found a video by a man named Stephen Hill who called himself the “Ghost Box Guru”. I immediately asked myself “what the hell is a ghost box”? I clicked over to his video and watched..and within a minute I said “what kind of bullshit is this guy trying to pull” and “is he faking this”? He had this device which was a modified AM/FM radio. It was set to a fast scan rate so it scanned and skipped over channels at a very fast rate without muting but you could hear the noise and scanning. He would ask a question like “Who’s here”? You would hear static and then a name would pop out. He would ask several questions and get direct replies as if this box was some sort of magic trick. Voices would yell out his first name on a regular basis. He claimed to be an “Electronic Medium” and even wrote a book about his experiences that I did indeed buy and read. It creeped me out but my interest did not fade.

I did my research and found out that a “Ghost Box” or “Spirit Box” is basically a modified radio that scans through the channels at a very fast rate and by doing so, this would supposedly allow spirits to use this for communication. A bit of white noise, some pieces of radio jabber being manipulated and you have ghostly communication.

I called bullshit immediately and set out to prove it was nonsense. Yep, I am weird like that. I do it with cameras reviews as well showing how underdog cameras can outperform big dollar cameras. I always like to prove my points, and often do just that. So I set out and ordered a P-SB7 spirit box which is a box made specifically for spirit communication and the more I researched the more  I dug up. I found out that the very 1st ghost box was made by a man named Frank Sumption. He made a device called a “Frank’s Box” and he makes a few every year for mediums or friends. He never really sells them and they are EXTREMELY RARE and hard to find. His story is that spirits told him how to build this device. But I wanted one..I wanted a REAL Frank’s Box. (UPDATE 08/14 –  R.I.P. Frank Sumption)


I searched e-bay, asked around in the Paranormal forums and message groups…nothing. Then I decided to search my local Phoenix AZ craigslist. Wow. There it was, a real Franks Box for sale and about 10-20 minutes from my house! What are the odds? $150 and it was mine. When I look back at that day it was almost like it was meant to be. I mean, what are the odds that the moment I get intrigued with this “Ghost Box” that I learn about the hand-made and extremely rare “Franks Box” and I just so happen to find one for sale 20 minutes from my house?

Just seems hard to believe but it was real, and so was the official Frank’s Box that I brought home with me. With a P-SB7 spirit box on the way from Amazon and my Franks box I did my very 1st session and I was a bit amazed at what came out. It appeared to not only be responding to my questions with quick little answers but my name was also said several times “Steve”. I asked who was with me and a name blurted out “PAUL”..Then a “Be Careful” from a woman with an odd accent. There were also quite a few ‘Help Me’s” in the communication as well.

Hmmmm. Maybe there was something to this. I immediately was drug in full force to this as if I were being pulled into it by some unseen force into an underworld of spirits, ghosts and some kind of intelligent beings. I started to feel like I was being manipulated and made to really dig into this research. It became an infatuation. Every day and every night I turned on these boxes and attempted communication. For weeks I did this and then before I knew it my son, who lives with me 4 days per week was also sucked into it. The answers from the box were getting longer, more detailed and then one night I received a threat with one voice coming in saying “Don’t fuck with me Steve Huff”. This is when it started to get creepy and made me feel uneasy. Now keep in mind all of this was recorded to video, in real-time. You can see these sessions I speak of on my “Huff Paranormal”  youtube channel.

2016. My mind is always thinking of new ways to try to connect with the afterlife. When an idea comes into my head, I do my best to try it and usually it yields positive results. I live my life with positivity, love, respect, and a dedication to this work that is so strong it will always be with me. 


I started to research more and more and found that many who get into using these boxes get sucked in, addicted and my big question was WHY? It was almost as a force was pulling us we were being manipulated and forced to do these sessions with the spirit box. For several months my son and I were doing almost nightly sessions and the responses and activity was getting more intense week by week. Were the spirits wanting us to record them and spread the word? Maybe Were they seeking help? Yes, 100%. But what did they need help with? I would eventually find out but at this moment I was still unsure.

Take a look at a compilation of just SOME of the spirit box  responses I have received in our very early sessions. Some of these are amazing.

The early sessions: Keep in mind my name, Steve Huff, my son’s name Brandon Huff and my deceased father, Otis Huff. All of these names appear as responses from the box as plain as day. These are my 1st sessions ranging from 2009-2011

As I reviewed my sessions on video I realized I was getting some incredible responses that were much clearer and better than what I have seen from others. I went from skeptic to believer for sure, as did my son. How could I not? But not only due to the spirit box sessions.

After a few weeks of doing short nightly 10 minute sessions we started to get real EVP’s (electronic voice phenomenon) in my house with no device, just voices from thin air. Some of them are in the video above near the end and to this day, I still get EVP’s from the same male whisper voice whenever I record video or audio in my house. He is here with me at all times. He has attempted conversation and my son and I have even heard his voice with our own ears when the house is quiet. Keep in mind I am NOT joking or lying here. This stuff is as REAL as real can get. I can not stress this enough.

While recording box sessions (but before or after turning on the box) I would get loud voices/whispers coming in saying various things. One said “Death Will get You” like it was whispering directly in to my recorder (it’s in the video above). Another day that same voice said “Why Don’t We Play” as loud as can be (also in the video above). As the EVP’s came in it seemed like they were getting louder, stronger and longer. Again, take a look at the video above for many of these EVP’s as these were all recorded as evidence.

Eventually I would hear voices in my house every day and one day while in the shower I heard a female voice as loud as can be coming from my bedroom. I jumped out of the shower, grabbed a towel and my recorder and turned it on. I asked “Is someone here? If so, talk into this black box in my hand”? A woman with a British accent replied into the recorder “Yes, I want to see what it does” as if she was curious about this box in my hand (my recorder). Simply Amazing.

A day later my son and I turned on a recorder/video and asked “Is the English Woman here today” and we got a loud “Good Evening” in the same British Accent on the recording. I asked how many spirits were in my house and she said “600”. WHAT?? I looked at my son when we played that back and immediately got the chills. If there were that many spirits in my house then it seemed like we were attracting them like bees to honey……

An amazing video. Nearly one hour as I document spending two nights in what I feel is the most haunted house in America.

My 1st Paranormal YouTube channel goes live…

Right after I started experimenting with the Ghost Box I started a new YouTube channel named “SpiritBoxEVP” as I wanted to share my experiences with anyone who wanted to watch them. I was not out to have a huge YouTube channel because my day job, my photo website, keeps me busy well over 8-10 hours a day. I just wanted to share what I was capturing as I felt it was important and was something that should be brought to the attention of more people. At the same time my son and I were sort of addicted to using these boxes and getting evidence. The funny thing is  – we knew this was happening yet we kept going. We kept gathering evidence, shooting it and posting it to YouTube. He even made his own channel called “spiritboxevpjr”.

I soon had over 40 videos up and the channel was starting  to get subscribers. Within 30 days I had over 140 subscribers (Today I have 128,000+ as of 11/16), which is not many at all but it was a new channel, 30 days old. I started getting e-mails, questions, and even threats. One person told me I was dealing with demons and I better stop. Another asked me if I could contact their dead Father. These were e-mails I really was not expecting to get. There were many asking me to contact their dead husbands or was bizarre. Almost as if people were thinking I was some sort of medium, which I never have claimed to be..ever. I even had a few religious people tell me I would be dead or homeless within a year if I continued. (of course, they were wrong.. it is now several years later and I am better than ever in the health and happy dept).

I do not know why I can so easily capture these otherworldly voices and responses but I can literally get these ANYWHERE. In a restaurant, in a hotel room, at a park. No need for a location to be haunted as it is my belief that there are spirits EVERYWHERE, living in another plane of existence parallel to ours. I mean they are EVERYWHERE. Your home right now, where you work, and anywhere you go. Yes they watch us when we sleep, eat, shower…I have recorded them during these times.

The AIR was thick in my could “feel” something was with us

That is what my son would say every week when he came to stay with me (He was 15 when we started, he is now about to turn 21). He would come in and say “it doesn’t feel right in here, the air feels thick”. I knew this as by this time we were both was hearing voices regularly in my bedroom, kitchen, and office. The feeling was not really uneasy or bad, it just felt like we were being watched all of the time, and believe me, we were.

One night before my son came I was home alone as I often am and had just heard some bangs in my kitchen. I ignored them because if it was a spirit or being trying to scare me, I was not about to let it do so. I went to bed, turned out the lights and sit off the TV in my room. Within 15 seconds of me laying my head on my pillow I hear a loud whisper directed  toward my right ear saying “Steve, WAKE UP”! This was the same male voice that you can hear in the EVP’s from my home in the video above. The same guy who said “Why don’t we play” , “Brandon’s here every week”, “Death will get you”, all of which were recorded onto AUDIO and VIDEO and heard by anyone who watched it. (In other words, these voices were not and are not imaginary).

THIS I could not ignore and I jumped from my bed, turned on the light AND my TV and even though I was dead tired (it was about 2:40 AM) I managed to sit up and awake for at least two more hours before falling  to sleep with my TV on. The next day my son came and I told him what happened and he wasn’t to thrilled about it. Remember, he was 16 years old and while he can hear these voices now just like I do, and capture some amazing EVP’s himself, he gets more spooked than me most of the time. After the chill factor wore off we decided to investigate more because like I said earlier, it just kept pulling us in and in an in.

August 9th 2012: UPDATE: I Can See Clearly Now…yes I found the answers. THEY NEED HELP!

Something that I never thought would happen has happened to me. I found many of the answers as to what all of this may mean (what I am going through anyway) and what has been happening to me and why. It is so odd because just two days ago I was telling my best friend that I could do this for 30 years and not find the answers. But last night I had a life changing experience that blew me away and opened my mind up to more knowledge about the afterlife and the intense reality of it all. The answer as to why I am capturing so many EVP’s no matter where I go is simple.

I have many spirits attached to me at all times because for some reason or another they think I can help them cross over, and I realized that I can and possibly have. 


So in a nutshell, many spirits are lost and need help. Gizmos, meters and gadgets will not help. I am someone who is not in this for money or fame. I feel a legitimate connection and am going to devote my spare time to helping these spirits cross over as I somehow feel pushed to do so.

Houses may be haunted but they are haunted by those spirits who are lost..who need to be helped to cross over and yes, even evil spirits who are angry and bitter but they are this way because of the situation they are in..a sort of hell if you will. I no longer open myself up to those evil spirits and they know not to mess with me but I also feel they need help as well as I have noticed a change in many of those who were not so nice after I started helping them, even getting “Thank You’s” after requesting the light for them. From here on out, it’s all about helping those along the journey when I can and continuing my communication sessions. I will document all I can for you to see as well.

Time on this earth is all a learning experience, this I now know with every fiber of my being. The best is yet to come.

 A video Debby and I shot at the cemetery. Using ONLY the SCD-2 app and a speaker. This video is VERY popular and at the time I am inserting it in this page (Nov 2017) it has 717,000 views over 6 months!