Throwback Thursday Videos: EVP everywhere!

Throwback Thursday Videos: EVP Everywhere! All over facebook I see old images posted on “Throwback Thursday” so why not post an older video or two here today, on Thursday? EVP in my bedroom late night after […]


When Ghosts Speak (My Name)

When Ghosts Speak (My Name) by Steve Huff This has been happening quite often lately and I must have had about 30+ emails over the past 90 days with people sending me clips of their […]


Snapping the Dead. Post Mortem Photography.

Snapping the Dead. Post Mortem Photography. by Steve Huff Over the many years that I have been a photographer I have taken hundreds of thousands of photographs. Many of them for my camera review site […]


Spirits deserve respect too!

Spirits deserve respect too! I see so many paranormal teams out there in the real world and on TV who are so rude and obnoxious when it comes to their investigations. I also feel that […]