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Connecting with loved ones on the other side, and hearing audible validations. 

I have done group sessions for years. Started on YouTube as “Experimental” sessions to see if it was possible to receive messages from the other side, from specific loved ones of those taking part in the sessions. It grew to be popular with some sessions having over 1200 participating in one night. It was hit or miss but there were times we had some undeniable validations from spirit. As these experiments progressed I had to stop as they would drain my energy, and I also found that if those taking part meditated on their loved ones before the session, we would get even better results.

I stopped doing the YouTube group session experiments but then I would get emails constantly asking me for personal one on one sessions. Since I could never guarantee that a spirit or loved one would come through, I always turned down cash offers for these kinds of sessions. I do not call myself a medium or psychic though I do get shown specific things from spirit that I call out during group session night.

But the requests would keep coming in for these personal sessions. I also knew I would not want to start up the group sessions on YouTube again as A: It zapped my energy due to so many taking part and B: not everyone at my public YouTube page would take it seriously (which I feel is a must for results).

So I started a Patreon page that would benefit everyone. Those who join and even myself as we could continue the group sessions with a smaller group of dedicated individuals who were serious about trying to connect and maybe my energy would not be zapped as much because there would be less people, hence, less energy. For $5 one can join if they want to take part in one of my monthly group sessions at Patreon. I offer no guarantees but we do get validations every month. Mostly audible, sometimes visual and one thing is for sure, it is always amazing.

My Patreon page is full of love, kindness and like minded individuals who are spiritual (or want to be) and want to learn more about life after death. It is after all, what I do.

I do offer more at this page like monthly Live Q&A streams, Masterclass Videos that educated and teach all I have learned about what I do, as well as live ghost box streams and more.

It is a wonderful negative free, drama free place where you can make new friends (many have), discuss the paranormal or even share your own evidence on the community board! You will also have a direct message line to me, anytime.

Anyone can join, easily. Check it out by clicking  HERE. 


There are quite a few of us over there now, and it is a great place to be indeed. For a $5 pledge you will get:

  • Access to participate in the monthly group night session where we try to connect with your loved ones using my devices
  • Tutorials on how to meditate for the session via video
  • Visualization Exercises for maximum benefit
  • Easy contact – have a question? I will answer you within 3 days. 
  • Discussion on results and who had a validation. We discuss the results. 
  • Live Q&A sessions each month
  • Live Ghost Box stream each month

A preview of the 2nd ever Patreon Group Session for 03/08/2018

Powerful sessions from Group Nights with amazing Validations. 

What is Patreon? 

Think of it as a page where you can go and get all of the above as well as chat with like minded people who are there for the same reasons. Discuss the videos with others and see what connections others have made. It’s sort of like a facebook page but more exclusive with more premium content (such as group nights and interactive live streams) and more fun as well. Also, no negativity allowed, ever. It’s a way for those who enjoy my research and work to support me all while they get something back in return. It also helps me every month to keep this research going forward as it is not cheap to do what I do. So you are supporting ITC research and enjoying all of the perks that come along with that. Join me in making history, as we are just getting started!

There is nothing in the world like this and I am excited to see just how far we can take these sessions.

I hope to see you over at my Patreon page! Thank you SO MUCH!

See the Patreon Page HERE and read more about it or join in!  It is easy to join, and all are welcome!