Connecting with loved ones on the other side, and hearing audible validations. 

Below is a sample of just a few responses from the session recorded March 2021. We had over 100 participants for this one and 80% had messages come in. A true testament to the solid connection I have been able to build over years of working with spirit. 

I have done group sessions for 7 years and am the first and original one to start these kinds of sessions in hopes to receive messages from our loved ones in Heaven. What a blessing it has been and it just keeps getting better. 

These originally started on YouTube as “Experimental” sessions many years ago to see if it was possible to receive messages from the other side, from specific loved ones of those taking part in the sessions. As those grew, and I learned more from the results I found I had to get more dialed in, more specific and also show anyone who wanted to give this a try that they would have to also put in sone of the work to receive these messages. I created guided meditations for those who want to take part, and it has since grown into something very special. For me, it’s truly at the heart of all I do. The most special thing I can do with this blessing I have been given.

Today, many years later I do these only for my members for many reasons. I could never do these publicly as the process takes days to do, even with just 100 participating. It also takes energy from me to do these. Remember, what I do is real and has been proven. I am the guy who discovered how spirits can speak to us, and all that it entails. Today, my ideas, devices, techniques and discoveries are used by thousands around the world to connect to spirit. Not all off us can connect though, and I have spent 10 years building that connection, listening to spirit, and implementing all of the lessons learned from them.

The sessions I do today and have been doing have been remarkable, miraculous and quite astonishing. Direct, clear messages from the other side for those on this side. Sometimes even in their old voice.

Remember, spirits are energy. When our time comes and we enter that light it is our soul that does so, not our body. We do not get a new body on the other side, rather we become one with the light and our soul is in the place of love, the source. We are individual but we can also come back and speak if someone connects, gives us the tools and does so with love, kindness, empathy, care and a genuine desire to help. This is what I do, and when I say these things it is not my opinion, rather I speak from what the spirit have told me, and all of what they told me in in all of my videos, thousands of them that are available for the public to see if they so desire. You can hear them for yourself. I suggest starting with the video on this page, above,

If you want to take part in group session, or as I call them now, “Messages from the Light” anyone can do so. You can join me at Patreon or YouTube and link to each are below where you can read more information about each option available to you.

Love to you all.


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