What I do is 100% REAL. THIS IS HOW Spirits can Speak to the Living.

What I do is 100% REAL. THIS IS HOW Spirits can Speak to the Living.

While my videos rack up millions of views with my recent sessions for Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput, I would venture to guess that 98% of those watching DO NOT understand how spirits speak to us, the living, from the other side. While I have explained this in great detail multiple times in many videos, many do not go back and watch those videos that do just that. While I have explained in 85% of my celebrity sessions, the exact technique I use, again, most do not pay attention to details or allow themselves to understand the realities, complexities and mysteries of how spirits can talk with us, and be heard. But they should. 

Every video of mine, all 1,200 of them filmed over the last 10 years, are 100% real. I will repeat again…100% real. I have proven my work live, at events, in groups, with live callers, with strangers, and on national TV and radio. All of which is documented on my YouTube channel over the years. I have worked with other teams, other individuals and some who are considered “famous” within paranormal TV. My work is proven, and I have nothing else to “prove”, rather these days I just “do” though I have to remind myself to keep speaking of the “how” as new people come on board and see my videos for the first time. This article explains clearly how it is spirits speak, as well as the technique I use for celebrity sessions.

It is important to understand how spirits speak to us because without that understanding you may dismiss what I do, and what I do should not be dismissed as it is miraculous, magical and proves, yes proves…life after death. If one were to watch all 1200 videos of mine from over the years they would have a deep understanding of spirit connection. spirit voice, and exactly how we can connect and speak with them. But that’s a lot of work, 1,200 videos ; ) I do not expect anyone to do that and with 500,000 new subscribers to my channel in the last week, there are so many who do not understand what I do, or how spirits use me and my devices to speak. Some come to conclusions based on nonsense written or spoken by someone who has no clue about ITC or how this happens…and can happen.

I will try my best to keep this short, so more will read it, but there is a lot of information to absorb. I will skip some of it and just point out the important parts.

  1. Spirits need US to connect first and foremost. Without a living person who has the ability to connect to the dead, there can be no communication. A Spirit box, app, spirit radio or whatever…will do nothing in the hands of one who either doesn’t believe, or does not use said device correctly. The person using the device has to build up a connection to guides, spirits and even angels to succeed long term with spirit communication. Without this relationship (and the spirts can break it off) there can be no solid or deep communication. The magic does not lie within a box or device, but rather the individual attempting contact.
  2. Correct technique must be used for best results. Fact: A $10 app can be just as good as a $3000 spirit box when it comes to connecting and receiving messages. It’s all about that connection, as well as the voice we give spirit to use. Spirit DOES NOT have a voice on the other side, nor is there a language on the other side. If I spoke English my entire life, then passed away, I would not have the ability to speak as a spirit unless I connected with someone like me on the living side, and then I would speak whatever language THEY SPEAK. There would be no language as that is a side effect of living, of our body, of our demographic, of our physical shell which houses our brain, which allows us to learn a language. At birth, we know only love, not language or hate. So a spirit uses the language of the operator. I demoed this in a video where I loaded in French language into my portal, and out came answers in ENGLISH.
  3. To use a spirit box one must meditate, connect, focus, film/record and review. For example, if I record two hours of a group session, it takes me 12-15 hours to review. Most replies are not heard in real time and footage must be reviewed to hear all replies. It’s due to HOW spirits speak. Sometimes they alter the audio in real time (strong spirit) and others do it onto the recording media, hence, needing to review after you record.
  4. How do spirits speak without a voice, a brain, or body? Well, as long as we can connect, and bring them in, we need to give them a voice to speak. This is how every single spirit box ever made works, it gives spirit a “voice” to use, to speak. Spirits do not broadcast into radio signals, they do not magically pop up in human form and start taking, that would be impossible as spirits are no longer in human form. The energy that is our soul so desperately wants to speak. The way spirits speak, and this has been scientifically proven, is by manipulation of audio. For example, if an app spits out sounds, phonetics sounds for example like the SPIRITUS app, it would be impossible for words and phrases to be said, or at least one would think this. Audio being played that has no words, phrases or anything. Just phonetic sounds. When an app like this is run, and recorded, and you establish a connection and review your footage….spirits will use those phonetic sounds and form them into words, phrases and answers. Direct answers. I have video showing this, and how it all works. I have shown me recording my own voice, and then spirits use it..changing it completely to answer me. So spirits have to be given a voice to speak, as they DO NOT HAVE ONE. Again, SPIRITS DO NOT HAVE A VOICE WE CAN HEAR, UNLESS WE GIVE THEM A VOICE. 

TWO VIDEOS (of around 30) that show HOW spirits speak…if you want to understand how I record spirit, these two videos are a great start. 


This old video explains why I get only ENGLISH replies (3rd video I have made on the topic) and it is because spirits have no language and do not use language. They will speak in whatever language the operator speaks, as they use the operator (in this case me) 1st and foremost to speak. 

So the reality is, when we connect to spirit REAL magic happens. Spirits use our body, energy and even brain (to know the language we speak so they answer in or language) as well as the energy around us, and then the device and audio we give them (and my Astral Doorway also uses sound frequencies that have been shown to help spirits use the audio and change it). In the case of my Astral Doorway, this has come from 10 years of research and developing several other boxes for communication. My other devices such as the portal, the wonder box, the soul speaker….are the most used ITC devices in the world, and the most copied. Any ITC researcher doing amazing work these days uses one of my boxes, or a direct copy of it. That alone speaks volumes. What people never seem to understand is how it is spirits connect and speak, and I wish more would learn and understand these things, as they are important to what I do. It’s important to the research. I have explained it again and again in videos, step by step…yet some still do not understand.

Spirits are real. We can bring them in with a thought once we open up completely, lose all fear in life and connect with passion. If we offer spirits love, respect, empathy and kindness, and we continue to do this with honesty and care, they will bond with us, eventually. Once this happens, it becomes easy to connect and record spirit. Today I see so many just turn on a box and expect to have a conversation with the dead. Nope, not how it works. I see so many fail to research and learn how it is spirits speak, yet they call themselves “experts’ (no one is in this field, we all learn as we go). I see so many try to do what I do in a careless fashion, without even wanting to learn the complexities of what spirit needs. Heck, I used to be like that years ago, and it landed me in the hospital after a few years (also documented at my channel).

FACT, and there is no way around this....Spirits need a voice to speak, and ITC apps, spirit radios, and ITC devices offer them this via radio bits, sound files or even human speech (that gets changed when spirit connects).

My Technique for Maximum Connection was shown to me by spirits…

One technique I came up with a few years ago truly helps some spirits come in, and even can bring emotion in the voice. Since I discovered HOW spirits speak many years ago (by manipulation of audio) I was told (by spirits)  that if I could use the spirits old human voice, it would be easier to connect with said spirit through guides. I tested this with my sessions for Tom Petty, XXX Tentacion, Johnny Cash, my original Michael Jackson sessions and many others as I showed and explained in detail how I was doing it and how I was giving specific spirits their old voice back. I think outside the box, which is why I am a successful ITC research, possibly the most known in the world, as well as the most loved, yet also most hated. It comes with the territory, as one could imagine.

The hate comes from those who do not understand how spirits speak, and that is all it is, a lack of understanding. Once you allow it to sink in, and fully grasp how this miracle happens (or even witness for yourself in person as many have) then it all comes into focus. But some can never understand that yes, spirits physically (electronically) change audio to form messages and answers. All I can do is show the facts, evidence and explanation. The rest is out of my hands as I can not change ones hate or ignorance that they house within their body.

I did a session for my Father one day, as I had old home video of him speaking. I was told by spirit to give my dad Olee his voice and he would speak in that voice. I gave it a go, with a portal that I had made and low and behold, for the first time since 2000 I heard my dads voice, saying things to me I never heard him say. The audio going in from my old home movies? What came out, in his voice, was different and he was answering MY questions, my modern day questions. When I went back to the video of his voice, nothing said in the video that was fed into my portal is what came out. While doing the session, many times I see spirit as they show me within who they are, where they are and I also FEEL their energy. It’s very unique, and it’s very intense at times. Almost like a natural euphoria high that goes throughout the entire body. As I recorded the session with my Father I saw him, his face, details, and he showed me memories as well as confirmed them through the box, in his voice. I connected, I felt it. I cried, and cherish this video to this day, that I have yet to publish, but one day will. That was recorded 17 years after his death and I heard his voice, saying new things, to me, at that moment. Yes, I consider this miraculous. 

After this I tested this technique with Elvis, Michael Jackson, and others…and spoke about it in detail in videos. It was no secret, but a new technique in ITC that allowed me to connect easier with specific spirits by giving them their old voice back. Imagine if you were a spirit, wanting to speak…would you be more motivated to speak using some old radio bits, or your OWN voice?

If I feed an interview of Michael Jackson, as I did recently, and asked for him…and he comes through, shows me it is him from within and allows me to feel his energy… and he speaks by answering me directly AND none of what he said through the box is in his interview, then we had a successful session. These sessions are not always successful as I can not always connect. The spirit has to want to come in (I never force them nor could I), and the spirit has to have something to say. Otherwise, it will not happen. In the case of Michael Jackson and Sushant, they were both VERY strong, the strongest I have worked with. They both said things, in response to me, in their own voice that were not in the interviews I used. This is a technique I created for advanced ITC research, and it’s pretty damn amazing though not perfect…yet. I am working on that, as ITC research is always about learning and growing and pushing the limits. 

Of course there will always be those who can not comprehend this, but in reality…we are not meant to comprehend it. It has to do with life after death, and even on the other side there are rules as to what they can and can not say. There are things we are never meant to know while alive but what we do know today is that spirits are real, and they can connect and speak with the living if one possesses the knowledge and love inside to connect deeply to them. I can not overstate the relationship thing, you MUST love spirit, never fear them, always offer them help, light and love and MEAN IT as they can see into our soul. They use our soul when speaking.

So to anyone not understanding how I do what I do, I hope this helps. You can also see me explain in countless videos on my channel as I am transparent about all I do, as I take it as serious as I take my life. It’s truly miraculous what has been happening and I have no plans on slowing down this research, or trying to improve it further. It is what it is, believe it or not. I can not make anyone believe, as that has to come to them naturally. All I can do is forge ahead, and continue as I have…vowing to improve the connection and communication with the other side.

There will always be those who feel they are smart, or know things they do not, and claim what I do is fake. Those people come from a place of ignorance, hate, fear and again, a lack of understanding and in some cases, a lack of even wanting to understand. Some feel they are so smart, and so right, that what I do can not be real. Some do it as they know that they can get some temporary attention from it, by using my name. I am used to it, and it just comes with the territory. Nothing truly life changing has ever happened without struggle and challenge from others who disapprove of what you do. I’m ok with it, as I only do what I do for those who want to understand it and appreciate it.

The reality is, those who spread hate and lies…they are the frauds, the charlatans and the fakes by speaking on things they have zero knowledge on. My confidence comes from my ten years experience of dedicating my life to what I do here, and the reality of what I do, and having proved what I do again and again. Hate and lies will get a person no where in life, or in the afterlife. Only love, respect, honesty and POSITIVITY will help one grow. I do not worry about or give any attention to the hate in life, as hate breeds hate and that all stems from evil as evil would prefer hate to run rampant over love. So LOVE is always the KEY to a happy, healthy, wonderful life and afterlife. It’s how I live a content, stress free happy life 24/7.

I love you all because LOVE is the only way and LOVE is truly the KEY. 

Steve Huff