Spirts Communication that will shock you. Must see and hear.

Spirts Communication that will shock you. Must see and hear.

We are living in crazy times. As of today, May 15th 2020, the entire globe is suffering from the Coronavirus. In the USA we are just about at 1.5 million cases and 88,000 deaths, all of which happened in a mere 10 weeks. 

I personally know of several who perished from the virus. I know of several who have it currently. It’s very real, very aggressive and very mysterious, even today. 

Because of the state of the world right now which is full of depression, suffering, sadness, anger and negativity the energy that we as a people are putting out are attracting and even empowering evil entities. Evil feeds off of fear energy, negative energy and anger. What we have right now here in May 2020, well it is a time when evil has a chance to literally take over the world. I have seen signs of it already, and see them daily. With all of this fear and negative energy around the globe, it allows evil spirts to gain power and truly effect the way some behave and act.

Spirts of the light are attracted to love, kindness and all things good and while there is plenty of that in the world as well, it tends to be shadowed by the dark. The good news is that in three videos over the last few weeks, spirits have said the Devil is losing this battle. This is good, as whatever battle they have on their side, it does translate to this side. If the Devil (evil) is losing, it shows that love truly can overpower evil. It shows there may be a light here at the end of the tunnel soon.

To those of us doing sessions right now, many of us are seeing strange messages of war, death, and even evil. This is normal, and a part of ITC. It does happen. When we practice spirit work such as this, we do open ourselves to all kinds of spirits. It’s not all about love and light as I learned 3 years ago. If we do a session while angry, depressed or with a negative mindset, we can easily find ourselves with an evil attachment. This is why I never ever do a session if I am not 100% at peace with my mind. Right now, those of us who do this are opening themselves up to evil due to what I said above. The energy in the world right now is being field by fear and the unknown due to this virus.

With a huge portion of the population showing fear and anger, this is bringing in some evil spirits into my sessions, and others who do this. It’s normal right now due to the energy all over the world at this time. So the video below has a range of spirits and entities coming in.

I have learned how to handle these evil souls and spirits as well as the ones who say they are demons and I have zero fear of any of them. I truly have zero fear of any of them or of death itself. This ensures they have no chance to effect me, and they have not been able to for three years now. Without fear from me, nothing they can do to me. This is what I learned 3 years ago after my attack, after the sign from God I asked for. I put into practice all I was shown and told then. I have had no problems since.

With that said, the video below has it all. Light spirts and dark spirits, fighting for a moment to speak their words through the Astral Doorway. They talk of wars and even their own war. They speak of the light and of “The Reaper” who takes light from souls. Crazy messaging, and all 100% real. Take a look below at the new video and try to let it sink in that these are real spirits from the afterlife, various realms of the afterlife, recorded over three days and nights in May 2020.

Love you all. Remember that LOVE is the KEY and FEAR is our WORST enemy in life! Live a life of love, positivity, kindness and respect and your life will improve so so much over time. Believe it, it will happen!