Will we REPEAT History or LEARN from it? Spirits have a prediction.

Will we REPEAT History or LEARN from it? Spirits have a prediction.

By Steve Huff

So here we are. Today is Sunday April 19th 2020. Here in the USA we have now surpassed 40,000 deaths from the CoronaVirus. We are inching up to 800,000 cases. Our death rate is at 5.7%. This means one in twenty who contracts this virus will die. Those are the numbers and the reality. Facts can not be erased.

I now personally know three individuals who have lost more than one person each to this virus. Anyone who says it is fake, or not real, or not serious needs to get out of their own very fake bubble they are in and open their eyes to reality. 

As of today…This is showing us we have a 5.7% death rate in the USA.

But we have been here before. In 1918 the globe went through the Spanish Flu, which had a 2.5% death rate. So why did 600k Americans die from the Spanish Flu, if it had a lower death rate? Well, that was all because after we did our best to social distance and stay in then, people got restless and started to venture out. They wanted to work, they wanted things to be back to normal. When they did this, too early, a massive second wave hit and killed mass amounts of people around the world. Millions around the globe and between 400-600k in the USA. I see differing numbers but it was much more than we are seeing today with Covid, which appears to have a much higher death rate. We have been doing a great job as a people, staying in and social distancing so we have kept the deaths lower than in 1918..so far. The virus is still here, still spreading but since it can’t get to us all, it’s slowed down.

What this pandemic has shown us is this:

Americans, 80% of them, do not have enough savings to make it through two months of not having a paycheck. In the supposed “richest country in the world” this is happening. How? Because of corporate greed and the filthy rich running the country and letting the little guy stay little. Stay down. It’s like this from the day most of us are born.

In our school system, starting in 1st grade we are taught a few things, but mainly it is engrained in us to go to school so we can get a “job” working for others. Why are we not taught to be liberated, to understand our own power and to understand we can do whatever our mind is set to. We should be taught life skills, business skills and self empowering skills. But instead we are taught things to keep us down, to keep us earning less and to keep us from big success as the masses are needed to do the grunt work, for little pay, to keep the country moving.

We have also learned during this that the earth can and is healing itself. All around the globe it’s as if the earth is saying “THANK YOU” right now to us for taking this time to stop abusing it, using it, trampling it and ignoring the fact that THIS IS OUR HOME, and if we destroy it, we also destroy ourselves. Your house is your home, but the earth is your real home. If it goes, we go. Can’t build another earth.

But yes, the earth IS healing and it is beautiful.

We have learned that love, compassion and helping others is far better than hating each other. Why we hate and attack each other is a mystery to me, as we are all human, we are all on this planet together and we all came from the same place, and go to the same place at death. I guess it is not a mystery as to why we do this, as again, we are manipulated into hating each other day in and day out with lies, mistruths and warped realities, from two “sides” who want your vote.

We let it happen to us, and I guess we always will. But if some of us woke up, even if just 10% opened their eyes to reality this word could be a much better place. We need more kindness, more love, less division and an understating that we should have each others backs as we all have more in common with each other than most understand. No matter who they are. We need a better system for the people of America.

While this nasty sickness has taken 40,000 American so far, and will take more even day for weeks and weeks, we have slowed it down with our efforts across the country. Due to our isolation and distancing we have kept the death numbers down from what they were projected to be. Only time will tell where it goes from here because with so many wanting out, now, it may raise the numbers again. Maybe by just a tick, maybe by a lot. If we repeat what we did in 1918 it could be catastrophic but I have hope. Hope that we do the right thing, hope that we remain responsible, and hope that we go by science because the reality is we have a deadly virus wreaking havoc.

If we stay in we can have economical disasters. If we head out to early, we can have mass death and sick and more overloaded hospitals. No real easy way to proceed here, as both options are not quite pleasant but we must try to find a balance. Not only for those who are in desperate need for their livelihoods and families but also for those who can not afford to get this sickness, because they are of the highest risk of death if they get it. Our parents, our grandparents, our aunts and uncles and even some of our brothers and sisters and young are at risk if we bring on a second wave. We have to find a solution that can help everyone. We do that by moving forward but in the most responsible way possible. I have faith that we can do this.

I made a video about this yesterday. If you have not seen it, it goes over the Spanish Flu, what happened and why and also talks about where we are now. There’s also a nice spirit clip here as well with some crazy communication.

Enjoy, and be safe.