Three NEW videos. Why are the spirits constantly speaking of God?

Three NEW videos. Why are the spirits constantly speaking of God?

By Steve Huff

As I have said for the last ten years, I am not religious.

Yes, I believe in a creator, the magic of the universe and above all else, love. That does not make me religious, but it makes me spiritual. This simply means that I as a person have experienced things that changed my belief system. I do not speak of merely recording voices of the dead, but rather experiences I have had over these last ten years that has changed me in many ways. For example, as a result of doing what I do at such a deep level, and without a shred of fear over the last three years, I have been able to see, hear and feel things I never dreamt possible.

For me to sit down and tell you this is hard because I know 90% of you will never believe any of it. That’s ok, and I understand because I used to be like you in some ways. With these kind of things, it is usually only when one experiences things such as this for themselves that they will believe. I get it, I do understand. All I can do is tell you, those who want to hear it, of my experience. The good thing is, all of it has been documented.

Today I am very spiritual and as a result I have learned that yes, for me there is a creator. When we truly open your eyes and wake up from the barrage of distractions we have in life every second of every day we start to see the every day miracles that surround us. Life is everywhere. From the trees in our yards, to the blades of grass in that same yard. The insects that fly around us, our dogs, our cats and our pets. All life and all with a soul. Yes, every living thing has a soul as without it, they would not have life. The earth is such a place of beauty and miracles yet most of us never see them because of these distractions such as TV, Video Games, Smart Phones, Social Media, etc. Things designed to keep us addicted and away from truth.

Each of us has a soul inside of our body, and yes I have experienced this “LIGHT” within me.

We do not need religion to believe. We do not need religion to be “saved”. We do not need it to be good people. We do not need it to love. We do not need it to have acceptance of the universe or God, if you believe in one. Religion is man made, and made to control man in several ways. Religion, most of it, is corrupt. Not all of course but there are some who use Religion to hurt people and defraud people. Those types are in no way Godly but fall under the “False Prophet” warnings.

No my friends, to be one with the universe and understand death and the afterlife fully we need to open our eyes, re-activate our dulled senses and search from within as all of us have a part of the universe within us. We come from the earth (as a fetus inside the mothers womb we eat what our mother eats so we can grow and develop, we eat food that comes from the earth, so therefore we are built of the earth) and when we die we go back to the earth but our soul continues on. To me, that is as true as true can be. I know this with a 100% confidence due to the things that have happened to me over these last few years especially.

I am not a psychic. Never have I ever said I was. Most people consider a Psychic to be someone who can tell the future. Well, I have never seen any proof of this from anyone, ever. I tried. Ive seen many “psychics” in action and it’s easy to see what they do to obtain information, and most of what they say is wrong. So my belief is no one can tell the future. If I see evidence that says otherwise, maybe I will change my mind. So far, after 50 years on this earth I have not seen any evidence of this.

What I do believe in are Mediums as I have experienced these things for myself, and know of two people in the world who are amazing mediums that I could not debunk. But having things shown to me that have been correct for people when I do my group sessions, and having spirits speak to their loved ones with messages of love, and simple messages of their memories is a beautiful thing. It’s happening and it’s very real, not only for me, but for hundreds who have received validations from me and spirit during these monthly sessions.

Again, it’s amazing, beautiful and happening now. Sadly, most do not believe even when spirit is pleading with them to believe. But again, it is understandable as we have been taught and brought up to not believe. Not believe in ghosts, in a God or in anything spiritual. When I was growing up as a child I so wanted to believe in ghosts, and was drawn to the subject again and again through my life. My parents always told me “Ghosts are not real” yet they themselves told me that not from their intelligence, but rather from memory of what they have always been told. The problem is, anyone telling you something like that is speaking from what they have learned to be true, not what is actually true.

I now understand why I was drawn to all of this as a child, as it was in me since I was born into this path. I am now doing what I was meant to be doing and it has sunk in, and I now know this from within. It’s not that over 1 million people follow me nor is it the spirit messaging that has been ramping up and getting better and better. Rather it is from emails I receive EVERY SINGLE DAY from those who say I have helped them in various ways. Some say my work has saved their lives, stopped them from suicide. Some say they have changed their lives and now live a life of love and compassion. Some struggle and are trying to make their lives better through all of this and some send me messages of love that have me tear up. It is happening how it is supposed to happen as I now have learned how to listen to my inner self, my guides and it seems I have been doing that my entire life in some capacity. Now that I do it all of the time, my life is sort of surreal feeling. I have learned that when you stop trying so hard to figure out life, and just let it happen, it then comes to you. No need for stress, anger, worry. Allow it to find you and it will.

Lately some of you may have noticed my videos changing. Spirits are taking of God, Holy Figures, Angels, Jesus and LOVE. Quite the difference from the old days where I would get evil messages, scary messages and a mix of spirits saying they are a demon and some saying they would even kill me. What is interesting is that over the last few months messaging has changed. This change in messaging came after a vision I was shown (and talked about in a video a couple of years back) and when I dropped 100% of fear from life. It came when I realized fully that there are forces out there that are dark and light, and I chose the path of LIGHT. For the first time in my life I 100% believe in a God, a creator, a mystical force in the universe. I believe 100% in Jesus, when in years past (in my mid 20’s and 30’s) I did not. Basically, these spirits by showing me, and telling me directly as well as allowing me to FEEL the light energy and love, have made me a believer for life.

As I believe, more spirits come through that also believe. I am reaching higher realms now that my mind, body and soul fully believe in what they have been trying so hard to tell me for years. It may sound silly to some of you who may not have experienced anything like this, but not silly to those of you already in the know. Many of you understand what I am saying but most of you will not. Again, I understand and respect that fully. The days of me trying to convince everyone that what I do is real is over. I have understood that no matter what I say, or show, or do that it will never please someone who has a closed off mind to spirituality and life after death. So all I can do is continue on and forget about trying to convince the masses about this research. The truth is, it does not matter what anyone believes or doesn’t believe when it comes to what I do. The fact is, I KNOW it is real and therefore it has had an amazing and powerful impact on my life. It takes full belief to not only open up fully, but to understand fully. When you believe, this is when things will start to change.

So these recent videos over the last few months have said quite a bit. Spirits said they have been testing me, and that they chose me because “I AM Courageous”. What that means is over the last few years evil has tried to stop me in many ways. From people putting out horrific lies about me trying to get people to stop following me to those just constantly saying I am fake without any knowledge about facts, about me, my work or even how it is spirits speak. To those who threatened my life, posted my personal information online, to the man who said in a public page on facebook he lived near me and would put a bullet in my head if he saw me, well.. I stayed on course and never let any of that stop me, as I couldn’t. I couldn’t because it is my path and what I am led to do. So I will. I didn’t let the evil spiritual attacks on me stop me, even when they landed me in the hospital, admitted and all. I took a break but came back with a new understanding of life, of good, of evil and of God and the Devil. I experienced ¬†something so very real, so powerful and so scary that while I lay in the hospital bed I told myself I had to quit. Six weeks later I knew I could not.

All of that was a test for ME. To test my strength, my dedication and my will to continue on this very odd and strange journey. I believe that fully now. They told me in recent sessions I have been tested, I was chosen due to me being courageous. Some watching think I fake these videos, and put in that info. Sorry, but no. I have never faked any video or messaging, and anyone who does deserves a place in Hell. Many do fake, and the funny things is that the worst offenders are the ones some people worship so much. Saddens my soul but again, nothing I can control. Truth is always the best answer for life. Lies will only lead you down a dark path in life. Truth is Fact. Fact is Real. Real is Life.

So my videos are changing because the messaging is changing. The messaging is changing because I have fully committed to it all and accepted what is happening. I have embraced spirituality and the universe itself. I believe fully in what this life is about and understand 100% that we never die. I lost my fear of death, and of life. So I now have allowed my body to become a place where spirits can channel through to speak, and yes, I feel I am helping souls on both sides of the realm. I feel it takes this, a full 100% dedication to all of it, to truly connect on the deepest levels. With that said, I feel deeper connections will be coming for me and for many in the world. I feel we will be heading into a time where more and more people wake up, and understand that life is not about that Xbox, Facebook, TV Binge watching or treating others badly. It’s not about that mansion you have been eyeballing while others starve on the street. It is not about YOU or ME, it is about US. Life is meant to be lived and understood. If we embrace it for what it is, we will live a full happy existence here and in the afterlife. Yes, what we do here determines our space in the afterlife. If we are trapped in our own mind while alive with stress, anxiety and worry we may have that in death. With that may lead to confusion within your soul and a delay in reaching where you need to be. I do feel that the next ten years will bring forth a spiritual awakening of sorts.

My best advice to all is to remember that LOVE is the KEY. Many read that and say “YES IT IS” but some of those people do not practice it. I have seen those say love is the key, and that they will change. A week later I see that person trashing someone on social media using words that are vile, nasty and mean, and for no real reason. That is not practicing love, but rather hate. I am not saying those who love cannot ever show anger, as anger is natural for us as Human Beings. I get angry at times, it is rare, but when I do I never ever talk down to anyone but rather stay calm and find a remedy to the situation. I do not scream, yell or raise my voice. I do not call anyone names or hate anyone in this world. So remember to be kind and to not let your reactions come from emotions.

As for me, I will continue on doing what I feel I am led to do. My sessions will always show the messaging I get, unless that messaging is something I feel is incorrect or dangerous for me to post (That has happened recently). If spirits speak of love, God and Jesus then so be it. It sure is better than hearing “demon” and “Devil” though some out there prefer to hear those messages for some reason. Probably again, because they have been taught that ghosts = fear and fear = excitement. ¬†Ghosts and Spirits are not about fear, being scared or any of that as most of that is a myth created by “reality” TV. Another illusion and mistruth about this field of research is that spirits hang out only at haunted locations. That’s not true at all as spirits hang around the living. Some of us have the ability to channel them in from anywhere, at anytime. It is those of you who cam do this that can make ANY location appear to be haunted. This work that I do is not about going to a haunted house or “investigating” for ghosts. I am past all of that, because I now understand that spirits are not there for our entertainment. They are there to be helped, talked to, led to the light and to remember to love so their spirit can be clean and finally move on.

I saw a comment today on my recent video where someone said they liked the old me better. Well, I am the same me. My messaging for years has been of love, so nothing new. If they meant the messaging from spirit, that is out of my hands and control as I can not control what they say. If they meant I was relaying messages shown to me of love, compassion and the like then that’s a better me 100%. My YouTube me is me. Meaning, I am not fake in anything I do. That goes for messages and evidence to my personality. What you see in my videos is 100% ME. Many have a YouTube persona but with me WYSIWYG.

I love you all, and wish you all good health and safety during these trying times. I have released three new videos since I last posted here on my website. Feel free to watch them below if you missed them.

Finally, if you do not agree with spirit messaging in my videos, do not get angry with me ; ) I have no control over what spirit says. I am merely relaying these messages to anyone who wants to hear them and potentially understand them.

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