Two new videos. Spirits warn us. The Virus. Fear. Lots to discuss.

Two new videos. Spirits warn us. The Virus. Fear. Lots to discuss.

By Steve Huff

Here at the Huff household we are doing our part to help slow the progress of Covid 19. We are housebound for at least the next two weeks and I am happy to do this, voluntarily. Of course, for me it is easy. I work from home as it is, so I am lucky in this regard. I am also 75% hermit so I enjoy my time at home, lol.

For many of you out there reading this, your situation is most likely not the same for you. Most in the world have a job outside of the house. Most can not just stop going to said job. Here in the USA there have been no economic stimulus plans to help actual Americans in need just yet. So far, just talk so I hope there is something in the form of relief for those who are told stay at home without pay. In other parts of the world there are things being done to help the people. I am sure the USA will follow suit, soon.

Restaurant, retail, or any job that deals with the public right now is in jeopardy. Our lives are changing right before our eyes from an enemy we can not see. I have my opinions on why all of this is happening but at this time, I will keep it to myself. But my opinions come from spirit messaging and visions over the last six months. As for food, we stocked up weeks before the mad rush so we are good for at least a few weeks, for three people. But the panic and fear I am seeing today is hurting my heart. It doesn’t need to be this way. Panic and Fear will do us NO GOOD.

While there has been spirt messaging from me and others that the world ends this year, I do not believe this. In fact I feel it may heal the world when it is all said and done. The world may end, but not in the way you think. Maybe it is about “a new beginning” but that’s another story for another day. Maybe I will start a daily video series while we are staying in for the next 15 days ; )

In any case, I posted two new videos over the last week and both are examples of incredible spirit communication and messaging. In one I show exactly how spirits use audio to speak, and give examples of that by giving them my own voice to use. In the next video I showcase the timeline of warnings from spirit that has led up to where we are now. Informative and eye opening.

See both of these below…

Yes, we are living in uncertain times as the future, at least now, is unknown. Will we go into a recession? A depression? Will we beat this virus faster than we expect or will it drag out for months? 

We are living right now in a time when we have no idea what is coming or where we are headed. Even so, I urge anyone reading this to not let fear take over your mind body and soul. It will do you NO GOOD AT ALL. It can no fix your worries, only make them worse by adding stress and yes, stress can kill you. 

One other area where I am lucky in life is I managed, somehow, with the help of God and spirit,  to drop 100% of fear from my life. I do not fear life, or death. I do not fear the virus and if I get it, I am sure I will recover just fine. It doesn’t scare me because I do not fear death. Some of my friends do not understand how lax I am with the thought of death. It is because I know what comes next, and have worked with the dead for ten years. What I do is not a game, for entertainment or fake. It’s as real as it gets, and that provided me with comfort and from all I have seen, felt and heard I know what comes next, so death does not worry me or scare me one bit. It’s natural and comes for us all. Part of the way life (and afterlife) works.

I am self quarantining myself and my family is as well (Debby and my Son are here for this) not only to avoid getting sick, but also because if we happened to be a carrier we would not want to be out there infecting ANYONE else. You can have this virus with NO SYMPTOMS and still spread it to others who may have symptoms, or even worse. With a lack and massive failure on the testing front in the USA 99% of us have no idea who has it, or if we have it ourselves.

See, this is indeed like the flu for most but it is 10X easier to catch than the flu, and has a much higher death rate. Let that sink in. This is why we need to stop the spread. That’s why some like me have chosen to stay inside for the next two weeks, at least. If left unchecked, it would be catastrophic.

The elderly, those over 70 especially are at a super high risk of death from this COVID 19 virus.

My mother is in her 70’s and I have been asking her to stock up and stay in, and while she lives 2000 miles away, she is aware of the reality and is staying in. So for those of us with age on our side, and health on our side it is our responsibility to help our parents, our loved ones, our grandparents and anyone we know who is older than 70. That demographic should not be out, period.

As for those who feel every one is over reacting, is that because you feel you will not die from it so you do not care? The young will most likely not have any major problems from this other than being sick for a while. But many who have other conditions. A suppressed immune system, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart CAN kill you no matter your age and it can also do permanent damage to the lungs of some who get sick.

Think of others. Think of your neighbors. LOVE is the key my friends, not selfishness and ignorance. Look at what is happening in Italy, in Spain, and look what is projected for the UK and even the USA if we do not get off our our behinds and do what we need to do to slow this spread. Oh, and do not HOARD FOOD!! Buy what you need for a few weeks, and if you have extra and a neighbor needs something? Help them if you can.

But before you do anything, remember to stay calm and not panic. Fear is what will kill us more so than the virus. DO not fear life. DO not fear death (I know, easier said than done). That’s my advice.

We never die my friends, our soul moves on and that you can take to the bank. I promise you that our souls live on and what we do here on earth will determine the outcome of our soul in the afterlife.

Be good, be kind. Think of others and help those in need when you can. Be part of at the solution instead of the problem. Have empathy for those who are suffering. THIS is what life here is all about though most have lost their way over the last several hundred years. These days we all fight, we are divided. We need to take care of each other my friends, do not think any politician will save us, as that is up to only us. When we do the right things we will get through anything, and yes, we will get through this.

Hunker down. Take care of yourself. Do not go anywhere where there are groups of people. If we can do this, we can stop this spread and save many lives. If we do not it will get much worse, and last much longer. WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS MY FREINDS. YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS.

I will be here, still doing videos as we are housebound, by choice. Just gives me even more time to work with spirit and possibly get more messages. I will say spirit activate has ticked up again here over the last 2 days. Not sure why, but it has. So look for more videos very soon.

Love you all, be safe and I am sending love, light and prayers to all around the world who are effected by this virus.