Spirits talk of 2020 for eight minutes. This will chill you. Is Coronavirus the End?

Spirits talk of 2020 for eight minutes. This will chill you. 

By Steve Huff

Last week on March 20th I wrote this article HERE at my other website. Sadly, today I am here to say I was right and as I said there, I didn’t want to be. I hoped my words would be proven wrong. I was wrong about the national lockdown, but that only makes matters worse from not implementing that.

Many wanted me to do a spirit session to ask spirits about what is happening across the globe right now. I have and posted it yesterday. If you missed it, you can see it HERE or directly below.

must see if you want to see what spirits are saying right now. 

In this video I use my Astral Doorway, which I now believe with my heart and soul that I was led to create (because honestly I do not know why I have put so much of my time and energy into this for the last ten years other than I was led to do so) and the direct conversations with spirits is like nothing else I have recorded.

Spirits here in this video clarify things and tell you, the people, to BELIEVE IT. They say God is with us, with me and that the Devil is Losing and they clarify what would cause the end of times (it’s not this virus). Remember, spirits warned us months ago in my sessions about something and they wanted me to warn YOU, and I have been trying to the best of my ability. What they said then months ago is happening now. So yes, sprits told the truth and they still are. 

The video has had just about 50,000 views in the first 24 hours, so I am so happy to see that people are watching,  listening and paying attention to what we are going through. As I write this it is March 28th 2020 and the United States has launched into being the hot spot of the world. This is because we didn’t take action in Jan and Feb, and now we are paying the price, as I said in my previous article. That’s pure fact and can not be changed. I myself said if we did not lock down in Feb, we would be in bad shape. In 2-4 weeks we will be seeing how bad this will be in the USA. All signs point to it spreading like wildfire to every state.

As a globe we will be with this for a long time to come, as it is impossible to contain it at this point. We have to let it run its course, and wait 12-18 months for a vaccine. There are no miracle cures and no medicines that are working to stop this virus. Many of us will get sick and get over it. Many of us will get sick and have to be in the ICU. Some of us will die, and each and every one of us will soon know someone who is sick or perished from this nasty virus.

As I said before, I believe this is a global time out. Something larger at play here and I feel it is spiritual. I do not feel it’s our leaders killing us off, rather this earth is saying that we can no longer sustain our way of life, our population, our polluting, our greed, our vanity,  and our vile nastiness we have towards each other. We lost sight of what matters about life. We lost our way and this may just be a correction from God himself. Our time out.

We are meant to love one another. A Universal True Love. One day this will become reality, I’ve seen it, and as I spoke about long long ago in a dream I had (which is looking just like this event)  I feel this crisis will eventually bring people together. It may be a while but when this is all said and done, we really need to re-evaluate how we live, how we treat each other and how we treat Mother Earth. The earth does not have unlimited resources to give to us, especially when we give nothing back. We have turned in to a world of greed, power, lies, misinformation, and as a population we have allowed ourselves to give up our personal power to world leaders. Just look at what we have been doing and still are. Attacking each other online due. to POLITICS. Just as the politicians want, so again, they win. We lose.

What we need to understand and realize is that we all our in control of our own destiny and life and power. Do not be so quick to believe ANY politician. Watch local news if you can, as that will be your best source of real info in your area.

All politicians are bought and paid for. All of them. Wether it is Obama who went to Flint and put on a show, acted like he tasted the poison water while telling the residents it was safe or whether it was George Bush saying “Mission Accomplished” before it all went to hell during the Iraq War. Maybe it is Trump who said in Jan and Feb we had it under control and 5 cases would drop to zero in days, after he fired the pandemic response team last year (he did and there is proof of this, it’s true). All failures, all true for each of them.

We are now so used to being lied to by ALL leaders we accept it as normal. All I am saying is no one, no politician wether they have a D or R next to their political affiliation  care for YOU. They care for special interests, and the almighty dollar.

So be safe, take back your own power, remember to love all and remember to stay inside if you want to avoid getting this virus and spreading it to someone else. Even if you are young and think you are invincible, you can spread it to your parents, grandparents, etc. They can get VERY sick or even die from this. So unless you want that on your conscious, stay inside and be safe.

I love you all no matter your skin color, political affiliation or sexual preference. We are all in this together. Be well, be safe. We will get over this and when we do, we better have a new appreciation for our planet, people and start to take control of our own destinies! It’s the only way forward if this is indeed God giving us a beating right now.