I can not put into words how important this spirit communication video is..

I can not put into words how important this spirit communication video is..

By Steve Huff

A must see, and as you watch this video filled with spirt contact and communication, remember that we are only scratching the surface of what will be accomplished in the next 20 years. As good as this communication is (and it’s the best ever recorded, again…it keeps getting better) TODAY, it will improve dramatically in the future.

But this, what you are about to see (in the video above) is very special, and very important. When you watch it, you can say in 20 years “I was there at the start of this spirit contact thing”. Yes, people have been attempting to reach the dead for centuries. But what we have today is unlike anything in the past that has come before. There has never ever been REAL spirit communication captured like this, by anyone at any time in the history of the WORLD. Think about that for a second. Why is this happening now? It is because as a whole, the world needs LOVE more than ever. The world needs many things, and those things are coming.

In the past spirit communication and EVP was questionable and of such bad quality that most just wrote it off as nonsense. TODAY, and what you will see in this new video is so far ahead of what has come before, it marks a time in history, for those who care to watch, learn, and understand that we CAN connect and hear from the DEAD, in real time, using our own bodies and devices. It can not be disputed, by anyone. Anyone who tries is ignorant to the facts and reality, as again, my work is proven. PROVEN real. So remember…

What you are about to see is all real, as all of my work is and has been and will continue to be. This is not for reality TV as reality TV is far from being real. This is not for any kind of monetary gain, as I am selling NOTHING here. It is not for attention, as I feel those who are meant to see my work, will find their way to it…and they do. I’m not the guy trying to get a TV show, I am the guy who refuses TV show offers due to them all being…well…not on the up and up when it comes to “reality”. So I do what I do for one reason…to share with the world and show that we never truly die, to show what the other side is like, and to help the dead and the living. I am proud to say I have been doing this for about ten years now, and it just gets better and better each year.

To me, this is important and miraculous as it proves YET AGAIN that our soul never dies, we do live on and we can come back and connect with the living while we are in the afterlife. While my Astral Doorway shown here is like nothing that has ever been created in the history of the world (if you know of something that is better/clearer or more direct for allowing spirit to speak please let me know) it takes an operator to use it correctly and connect with spirit.

The connection is the most important aspect of what I do, and that comes from within US.

Enjoy this video as it showcases SIX devices, and how they all work differently and sound different when connecting with the dead. There are reasons why this is, as spirits use audio to speak. Some devices implement the audio feed in a good way, and some not so good. What you see here in this video are all boxes I approve of and use myself. When my Astral Doorway is completed in 2020 it will be a little more jaw dropping than it is now. I look forward to taking ITC to places it has never been in 2020, to be the voice of real spirit research and I will continue to work with others in this field who go about it in a respectful way, the right way.

When someone asks me how I do what I do, I tell them it’s all about LOVE as LOVE IS THE KEY. LOVE is what attracts the spirits to you more than anything. When you truly care about the dead, and the living the spirits KNOW this. THEY FEEL this and over time, many years, they will trust you and help YOU to connect. I have many who help me on the other side with my sessions. It’s a mutual respect and a bond we have created over many years.

I feel anyone can do this but it takes massive dedication. Intense patience. Real care and love towards the spirits and a true passion to help them.


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