Hear these Spirts, Ghosts and Souls as they answer me DIRECT. Pico and Doorway Devices.

Hear these Spirts, Ghosts and Souls as they answer me DIRECT. Pico and Doorway Devices.

My newest MUST SEE video! If you enjoy real spirit communication, this is one you will not want to miss!

New video!! This one contains some of the most impressive direct spirit communication I have recorded yet and it seems this is a pattern, happening more regularly than ever. Spirits are getting more direct, and answering more questions, and I know why. It’s the connection and I work on it seriously at least three days out of each week and in many ways, it’s a 24/7 thing with me. Via meditation, via prayer and by being a good person who truly cares about the spirit realm and those who inhabit it. True words right there my friends as spirts are attracted to those who actually CARE about them and to those who are interested in spreading LOVE and all things GOOD in THIS life and the next. Sounds like a bunch of new age mumbo jumbo to some, but it’s more true than you can imagine. It’s one of the many things I have learned throughout the years and all of this has also changed my life in so many ways for the better.

By this I mean that I am a better person today than I used to be 15 years ago. Kinder. Filled with love and positivity. I have an understanding of the afterlife and how it works, what happens when we die, and where we go. I have no fear of anything in life, not even death and I spend life without stress or worry. I make less money but am much happier in life as money to me does not equal success or happiness. Been there and done that before. Life is amazing, and the afterlife is also amazing.

We are about to launch into 2020, and I remember years and years ago (Maybe 6-7) predicting that by 2020 we may be having spirit answer us direct and more clear than ever before and well, it has come true but in 2019! I predict 2020 will be even better yet as I will never stop pursuing ways to help spirit speak and teaching others how to do what I do. Since my new Astral Doorway (will be complete in 2020) and even 2019’s Black Beauty Portal, my sessions have truly jumped up a few levels. There are a dozen reasons why spirit has an easier time speaking in my sessions these days but #1 is the connection. #2 is technique. #3 is the device. #4 is the review.

THESE FOUR THINGS! (for those who want to know)

These four things are so important when recording true spirit messaging and as a whole it is so much more than any device. Every day I get emails asking me what is the best spirit box. My answer is almost always “YOU”. YOU are the most important aspect when it comes to using a spirit box device. Without YOU connecting to spirit from within YOU, the device, app, radio is useless.

Once you establish this connection, then it gets much easier and this is when technique comes in. Technique I have spoken of many times in videos, and I have shared the knowledge I have learned over many years of first hand experience for anyone who wants to learn. Technique is important and without going about this the right way, communication is possible but will never get to deep “bonding” levels.

After you get the connection and technique down, the device you use is just as important. Many devices made for ITC (funny enough, some of what you see and is pushed on TV) are useless for real spirit work and communication. I see so many products sold for ITC that are simply rip offs yet at the same time, I see many that are fantastic. I always say that once you learn HOW spirits speak, it is easy to make a device to HELP THEM do just that and also see which products are scams and which are actually useful for spirit.

2020 is going to be awesome for real ITC research and I will be here as always trying my best to improve connections, clarity in response and sharing as much information as I can with all of you as I learn it myself. We are in this together my friends and those who are paying attention to it, YOU are at the forefront of this. In 20 years you can say “I was there at the start of the ITC movement”! Love you all and I am proud to lead the way in ITC to bring more love, respect, knowledge and understanding to all of this for anyone who wants to learn about it. LOVE IS THE KEY, and these words could not be more true.

Love you all!