Jesus & The Spirit Box. Testing the Poltercom Pico.

Jesus & The Spirit Box. Testing the Poltercom Pico.

Today I have a new video for you that showcases a new spirit box I purchased from Paranologies. It’s called the Poltercom Pico and it’s one of the coolest spirit boxes I have ever owned or tried. Small, not so expensive, a gorgeous design with custom touches and when spirit connects it is loud and clear.

It uses a random radio sweep, and according to Jeromy Jones from Paranologies it is always a random sweep. We never know where the dial will land, or for how long. This is implemented very well for ITC and has the potential for crystal clear communication if the conditions are right.

In my tests I have heard a lot of radio but also quite a few spirt messages. It’s the nature of radio scanning spirit devices but this one has a mojo about it that I really like. So much so that I bought a second one shortly after the first one arrived.

In the video below you can see this box in action. I also speak about the recent increase in spirits mentioning Jesus and God in my videos. No matter if I use an app, a radio or a DR60 they are talking about Jesus, God, Angels and the light more than ever.

I talk about all of this and more as well as show examples. A must see…

If you are interested in the Pico ghost box, you can purchase at – For 10% off use discount code “HUFF”.