This Spirit Ghost box APP IS SUPERB! Spirits COME FORWARD!

This Spirit Ghost box APP IS SUPERB! Spirits COME FORWARD!

New video below and it is a must see. This started with Keith Weldon, who is the Creator of the Spiritus App as well as being a founding member of the CHILLSEEKERS tried out his own app in a different way.

Keith found that when using spiritus with only bank 2 and 3 activated, along with the “P” mode active that spirits were talking more, changing the audio more…

This has to do with the frequencies that are injected from the phaser effect. Same concept with reverb and pitch. Hit the right frequency and this will help spirits speak, and help them to use the audio easier, to manipulate and speak.

After Keith tried it, and then Josh from HOPE tried it, I had to give it a go. See my video below using it with my Portal. It is AMAZING and proves once again that spirits manipulate audio to speak…

The way this proves the audio manipulation theory (though it’s no longer a theory, it’s been proven again and again) is that the Spiritus app contains no words in the audio bank. It has no phrases in the audio bank. It uses phonetic sounds, which spirits then take to form words and answers. They do this VERY clearly because of the frequencies added with the phaser effect.

A few years ago I tried a phaser pedal on my portal, as I was testing alongside of it Reverb and Pitch and other physical devices that added frequencies into the mix. At that time, I preferred reverb but I only tested ONE phaser. Here it seems spirits preferred the phaser with the Portal using reverb as the portal also helps with energy. Magnetic energy, crystal energy orgone energy, electric energy, human energy, etc .

Even so, it works without the portal as well when you connect and use correct technique. This involves recording, review, focus, mediation, and yes…connecting to your spirit helpers.

Some will use this and only hear Gibberish. That is ok, and is by design You will only hear replies as you see in my video when you connect and record and review. If you do not get replies at first, try again later with more focus, belief and LOVE.

Each year spirit contact gets better and better. Some pass it off as fake out of fear, out of not having an open mind, or even by ignorance. THIS IS ALL REAL and once again PROVES without a shadow of a doubt that SPIRITS ARE REAL AND THEY CAN AND DO CONNECT WITH US.

Love you all!



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