Thirty Minutes of Pure Spirit Recordings

Thirty Minutes of Pure Spirit Recordings

NEW VIDEO! Some of this is new, some of it is from the last few months but all of it is pure direct spirit communication that is now the norm in 2019. While I can not wait for 2020 to take this even farther, this video is sort of a mini collection of some amazing spirit communication interactions. I use radios, the portal, apps and recorders to show that any device can be effective for this.

Making Contact! Thirty Minutes of Communication! 

Again, its all about the connection we establish, first and foremost.

I will soon have a few new “on location” videos as those can be fun but there is no need to go anywhere to talk with whatever spirit we want to connect with. It can be done from anywhere, as I show in this video here where Josh from HOPE Paranormal uses my live ghost box stream 200 miles away and gets direct answers. Amazing!

I am working on something new right now. Something simple. If it works out I will share it with all of you very soon. I think 2020 will continue the trend where spirit contact just gets better and better, as well as deeper. I will always be at the forefront of the ITC movement as I have been for the last ten years. Love you all!


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