An Intense Spirit Box Session with a Panabox and Portal.

An Intense Spirit Box Session with a Panabox and Portal.

This one is crazy and filled with non stop spirit communication using a panabox spirit radio and a portal with app.

Now in this one, ALIENS are mentioned when using the SCD-2 app with the portal. I never ever get messages about aliens! When I have asked in the past, I either got no reply or spirits telling me that they do not know about things such as that.

So when I had two messages referring to aliens I was surprised. Do I believe in aliens? I believe there is life out there in the universe besides us, of course. With that said, I do not buy into all of the conspiracy theories as I have never seen documented evidence of alien existence. Spirits, yes. Aliens? No. Lots of talk, books, movies, etc but not one alien ever caught on video or in any way shape or form. Doesn’t mean they do not exist, just means no one has been able to document proof that they do.

Also, listen to the odd and strange voice in the video that mentions reptilians. That is not a normal voice or way to speak, but it is most likely spirits who are manipulating the audio from the app to leave the message they want to leave. Could that particular message come from the radio? Maybe, sure…but who talks like that on the radio, with that kind of pronunciation?

Anyway, fascinating spirit connections here with a lot going on. The Panabox is proving to be my favorite radio based spirit box device EVER. It’s just so cool and works amazing when you do connect. When you do not establish a connection, you will hear radio. When you do, the whole dynamic changes. But remember! Effective communication relies on US and our CONNECTION way more than the gear or device. All spirit devices work on the same overall concept…to give sprits raw audio to use so they can change and manipulate it. Wether that is a radio, an app or whatever… the connection is most important.

In any case, this is a cool video and my portal even starts acting very strange near the last 1/4. But this time I do less talking to the camera and more focus on the communication. I hope you enjoy. Love you all!


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