Watch a FULL Huff Paranormal Group Session. Loved ones ARE reached!!!

Watch a FULL Huff Paranormal Group Session. Loved ones ARE reached!!!

Full Group Session for August is Below. It’s an hour and 13 minutes and yielded just about 20 validations for those taking part. 

Many ask me if I would share or post a full group session video. The kind I do for my members and patrons every month as we attempt to reach our loved ones, as a group effort. Anyone can participate, anywhere in the world. I was the very first IN THE WORLD around 6-7 years ago to start doing these kinds of sessions, using current technology rather than just connecting myself alone. Today others give it a go as well but I did these for years on my YouTube channel, and now realize it’s worth it to do these only for those who are serious about it, and can take the time to do the mediation exercise. Hence, I do these for YouTube Members and Patreon Members. The cost is $5 to take part, and you also get extras for that $5 like bonus videos, early videos, and more. It keeps it serious, and it keeps it to those who take it serious. It also keeps the size of the participants smaller, which is a good thing when doing this kind of session.

I will share just a few of the incredible validations happening, and these are just a few from the August 2019 session! We have had hundreds of validations over the years!


These days my group sessions have evolved into a monthly event where many take part each and every session to listen for messages to come in from their loved ones. It never is a let down as each month we receive many validations for many who take part and participate the right way. For anyone to take part in these and potentially receive a message from their loved ones on the other side they must do a mediation/visualization exercise that I give to them the day before. It takes 15-20 minutes but this is what I feel helps send the loved ones to the session. It has proven itself to be very effective.

The group session for August 2019 was full of validations, things I would have had no idea of knowing from the drawing I did from what I was being shown (it was validated by a Patron, and she even sent me a pic of the pendant of her loved one) to the messages from the box that were validations for others.

In August we had around 20 validations total, and I will send out 20 “Love is the Key” keys and signed cards to all who received a validation.

It’s a beautiful thing that happens every single month and to me, it’s the most special day of the month.

If you want to take part in a group session, you can do so one of two ways. Either by becoming a Patron or becoming a YouTube member. Keep in mid I know nothing about the members loved ones, personal life or anything for that matter. So when a validation does come in, it is something that is undeniable for most. We have had images come in, clear sentence length messages, messages through me with details and so much more. It’s amazing, beautiful and incredible for those who do get validations. Something they will never forget as it proves our loved ones can be with us from the other side (and they are).

See info on a YouTube membership for group sessions HERE. 

See info on a Patreon membership for group sessions HERE. 

I am asked constantly HOW to take part in one of these. It’s easy. Either option (YouTube or Patreon) cost $5, or the cost of a Starbucks coffee. You get to take part and join in and possibly receive a validation. You can try one, or several but in order to take part you will have to follow the visualization exercise (which is guided and easy to do) that takes 15 minutes. Then watch the video and listen for a validation. I do these EVERY month, and the next one is set for mid September 2019. 

Thank you!