Jeffrey Epstein Spirit Box Session. A Confession from the Grave.

Jeffrey Epstein Spirit Box Session. A Confession from the Grave.

I posted this video just over 30 hours ago at my YouTube. I knew it would be controversial due to the words I speak in it, and the fact that I captured some direct replies and answers to my questions. Ever since his death I have had hundreds of requests to do a session for Jeffrey Epstein. I hesitated as I normally do not delve into darkness to speak to a spirit (I felt that is where he is, and yes, HELL is real according to the spirits I speak with every day) but this time I thought that if I could make contact that maybe….just maybe it could bring with it a lesson.

The Epstein Spirit Box Session…Crazy clear direct answers. 

It did just that. Some will see the lesson here and most will not.

This is a man who used his money and power for all the wrong reasons. He was convicted many years ago of molesting a 14 year old girl. He got off with a crazy light sentence and had many privileges due to what many see as corruption. He was caught again recently but on a much larger scale.

From the Miami Herald.. “The filing concluded that Epstein, with the help of three employees and victims he recruited, had “created a vast network of underage victims for him to sexually exploit.”

Epstein died and the official reports are that he hung himself, committed suicide. Many think he was killed but that starts getting into conspiracy theory territory and that is not where I delve. I only go by public facts so in my short session I just wanted to see if I could reach his soul, and to find out where it was. In a clip I posted to my YouTube and Patreon member pages, I use a Panabox and ask “Is Jeffrey Epstein in Heaven or Hell” and a direct answer comes through the device… “HELL”.

This is a video unlike others as again, I do not like diving into evil but I know some will see the lesson here, and use that to improve their life. THAT is what it is all about. Oh and this video is NOT monetized. So no ads or commercials. ; )

Thank you all and LOVE you all! LOVE IS THE KEY!

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