Testing the new DEADWAVE ITC Spirit Communication App! CLEAR Spirit DIRECT Response!

Testing the new DEADWAVE ITC Spirit Communication App! CLEAR Spirit DIRECT Response!

Brand new video and this time I am testing a new ITC Ghost Communication APP called DEADWAVE. It was created by Keith Weldon (of the Chillseekers) who also makes Necrophonic and Spiritus, two apps I also use as they are fantastic.

My video testing DEADWAVE with some AMAZING spirit answers and interactions! 

DeadWave continues the tradition of how Keith usually makes his apps but this time he added some major functionality and features. Reverb, Echo, Pitch and even an EQ are built in as well as a new video feedback style visual mode to help spirit show themselves (when you record the screen or take photos of the screen while asking for spirits to show themselves).

So this app is loaded! It also features four sound banks.

Yes, sound banks. Just like a radio ghost box uses radio stations for an audio source, most apps use what we call sound banks. Sound banks feature sounds, fragments of human voice or even voice itself. This is mandatory for spirits to speak as spirits USE this audio to form words and answers when they do communicate with us. ANY AND ALL good well made apps WORK for real spirit communication. Anyone who tells you apps are fake are either A: Using a fake app B: Can not get results so assume they are fake or C: Has no clue how spirits speak to us when using devices like an app or ghost box.

FACT: APPS work better than radios for real spirit communication (when used correctly..and most do not use them correctly).

Spirits need clean clear audio (not white noise) to speak and better the app or radio or device has implanted its raw audio the better and easier spirits can speak.

WE MUST give spirits a voice to speak as they have none. They have the ability to and CAN speak but with our help only and the reason why some apps and radios work better than others is all in how they are implemented and made. For spirits to speak as you see me do, we MUST give them a voice and apps and spirit box devices do just this. Some apps are junk as they include music and sound effects (and even loaded scary words) to make them seem spooky when all of those sound effects are nothing more than fluff and will not help with communication.

Apps I use often are the SCD-2, SCD-2, Spiritus, and the Afterlight Box app.

Radios I use are old manual scan radios, hacked ghost box radios and the new PANABOX I helped to introduce to the ITC world.

I also use my Portal Black Beauty which enhances all apps and radios and allows spirits to speak longer, cleaner and more direct when used correctly.

As for DeadWave it is another great app from Keith. It has sound banks that have no full words or phrases (yet as you see I record many direct answers in words and phrases) and should sound like a mish mosh of sound when turned on. Yes, it should sound confusing and it should sound like nonsense and not words.

HOW To use ANY APP or RADIO or ANY spirit device!

Every day newcomers get into ITC vi apps, ghost boxes, etc. Problem is no one (besides me) ever tells anyone how to use these devices. So if you have downloaded this app or any app… or have a spirit box radio or device…here are some pointers for beginners on how you can use it for best results. I have a deep 12 video class on establishing a deep connection over at my Patreon Page but these tips below will help you get started…

  1. Set up your session area with your app, recording device, etc. Be ready to record when you enter the session space.
  2. Meditate for 15 minutes prior to a session. Focus on your goal and envision spirits coming in around you. When you feel a :charge” in your body you are ready. If you do not feel the charge, keep trying and one day it will surprise you with an all over solid body electricity. When this happens it means a spirit is with you to speak .
  3. Sit at your session space with your app or device and recorder (I record all to video but you can use an audio recorder). Recording is mandatory as far as I am concerned as if you are serious about ITC, you must record all attempts at communication. If you do not you will miss up to 80% of replies as some are left on to the recording device and NOT live. Spirits change audio to speak but first they must be with you and yes, spirits DO ENTER us to speak. If this makes you uncomfortable then never do this kind of thing.
  4. Now that you are ready to start and record plan on keeping the session short. 10-15 minutes. Have questions in mind and press record on your recording device. Run the app or device and ask your questions. Try to ask and then give around a minute for an answer. You may hear the app sounds and chatter that make no sense and that is normal. You will hear most when you play back the recording.
  5. After your questions thank the spirits and offer your love and friendship to them. It is important to build a relationship with them over time and the longer you do this and the more you do it the more they will speak. Eventually they will flock to those who are most serious about this work and those who help them when they need it.

Spirit communication should never be done in ay kind of hostile way. NO provoking as that is the most disrespectful thing you can do and is a one way ticket to NOT building a solid connection. Always be kind, offer love, and always respect the dead.

When using DeadWave experiment with the reverb and pitch and only use one or two banks at a time. Keep your scan rate to around 9-10AM on the dial. When reviewing your recorded evidence always listen back for relevant answers to your questions. They may be mixed in between chatter or they may just pop out of silence. It depends on your energy and the spirit energy. The more energy the better.

As you saw in the video above, I was able to get amazing results with DEADWAVE but my results are not typical as for me this is natural, and comes easy due to my 10 years of dedication to the field of ITC as well as always projecting LOVE to the souls who gather around me during my sessions.

DeadWave is out now on iOS (apple) or Android. You can find it on the play store and App Store.