My FAVORITE Spirit Box in Action. A DR60 Killer. Real time, clear, direct.

This is my Favorite Spirit box…IN ACTION. Amazing Direct Spirit Communication. SO CLEAR!


The PANABOX is now my fave spirit box to use for so many reasons.

  1. It’s tiny and fits in my pocket. So I can take it anywhere.
  2. It’s clear (when you do the foil hack) and sounds amazing.
  3. It’s effective. For some reason it seems to have some of the MOJO of the DR60 but in a spirit box.
  4. For me it bests the DR60 recorder for spirit communication. Hands down BUT both make an amazing set.
  5. Spirits seem to be able to use it easily.

What is not to like? 

Now keep in mind that I premiered this spirit box a few weeks ago but I am not the guy who discovered it or converted them. John Mallory in Canada found the radios, had them converted and had me test them. He sent me his first 10 units to test and I bought them from him, all 10. They are amazing. I sold one on ebay and then sold two to close friends within ITC (for my cost). I sold one more to a customer who owns one of my Wonder Box creations and I now have six left and will probably keep them all as backups. It’s that good.

This is the rarest spirit box in the world right now. Only 18 exist at this time and the radios are super rare and hard to find. When one is found it has to be opened up and worked on to make it a spirit box. I believe as I write this there is ONE on EBAY HERE (Not my auction but from the guy who sent them to me and had them created). I am 100% confident he will be offering more (he has eight). My six that I have left are not for sale at this time. They may get pricey but as I said, to me this beats the legendary DR60 recorder. Truth be told, all I would ever need would be my Panabox, DR60 and Black Beauty Portal. These tools deliver the most amazing communication I have experienced over these last 10 years. These three tools are the ULTIMATE ITC tools in my opinion. The results speak for themselves and I am super excited to be able to own this radio for my personal and public ITC work.

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Love you all, thank you all and remember that LOVE IS THE KEY!!!