The most UNIQUE Spirit Box in the World? Oh, and YES this is REAL.

The most UNIQUE Spirit Box in the World? Oh, and YES this is REAL

Hey guys, happy Tuesday! My second new videos in two days, woohoo! I am on a mini roll here! Today I want to take a look at a couple of new spirit box devices I purchased from Paranologies. The Poltercom and Poltercom Progeny.

These are not new, (they have been out for at least two years) but they are new to me and super cool devices that really work (when a connection is established) and look amazing while doing it.

The fact is that all ghost box devices work (some better than others) and almost all ghost communication apps work (again, some better than others) when used correctly but these boxes here combine function with art and a great sound. These are truly the most unique ghost box devices you can buy today and are also super original rather than just another copycat, which is so prevalent these days within ITC. It seems everyone is making radio sweep spirit boxes but at their core they are all the same thing. They are a sweeping radio and spirits use the audio and manipulate/change it to say what they need to say (using energy, mostly OUR energy).

I discovered many years ago that things such as reverb frequencies (among other things) actually help spirit to speak. I first requested reverb be put in to an app (SCD-1) after discovering by accident that when I would set a specific reverb frequency via an effect into an amp, and then loaded a scanning radio into that reverb and amp, spirits would speak longer, clearer and more direct. After putting it into the SCD-1 app with Anthony Sanchez at I created the original and basic portal device which was so simple to make, that I put up info on how anyone could make their own.

My new video using these spirit communication devices…

The Portal today is not what it was four years ago and costs me 4X what it used to cost me to build. It still uses various sound frequencies which spirts in turn use to communicate easier and is much improved over that old basic configuration and also includes several energy types now to help with that communication.

This cool thing is that this Poltercom, the full size model, has an option to have an effects processor built into it, and it is fully customizable. This means you can add reverb, and experiment with frequencies looking for the sweet spot where spirits speak longer, clearer and more direct. This is invaluable IMO and I am thrilled to see it included as an option for this amazing box and it is well worth the extra cost to include it if you have been thinking about buying a Poltercom. Jeromy sets one preset up (#2) that works very well, and is what I used for most of what you see in the video.

In many ways the Poltercom is better than my original portal as it is all in one, and is beautiful to look at. It includes a radio scanner built in so basically you push the power button and start communication. You can tell that the creator of this box (Jeromy Jones) put some passion into it as the design is gorgeous in both the full size and smaller unit and speaking of the smaller unit which is called the “Progeny”, it is an amazing box for the price ($399). Truly, if you want a ghost box and have a $500 and under budget, go for the Progeny. It’s so much better than something like the P-SB7 and includes a basic echo feature as well. I had instant results with mine, the first time turning it on (as you will see in the new video above). You can also use apps with these as there is an input for that. There is also an output which I will test soon going INTO my portal ; )

BUT, and this is a big BUT… 

To get the most out of these, or any spirt box or app they must be used correctly! Many see my results… and I will say now, my results are not typical. My results come from many years of having a deep passion for ITC and learning how to establish a deep connection (you can learn how at my Patreon Page). To not only make it better any way I can, but to keep pushing it forward instead of staying in the past. More Progress has been made over the last several years within ITC than the last 30 years before it and that is due to many things. People like you who are reading this showing interest, amazing skilled people like Jeromy who make boxes like the Poltercom, those who came before him like Frank Sumption who made the first scanning Ghost Box radio. Teams who are inspired by TV shows to go out there and investigate the afterlife on location. While I am not a fan of the current ghost shows on TV, they do motivate others to get out there and explore the unknown and for that, I do appreciate them.

Awareness is what it is all about and today more people are aware of the realities of this than ever before. In 50 years many more will realize it and also realize that LOVE IS THE KEY to this life and the afterlife. That is when this world may start to change, for the better. (Love my friends is much more powerful than hate. Anyone can hate as that is easy. Love is a challenge but worth the challenge as when you allow love in over hate you can see life in a whole new light). 

But getting back to my original statement about my results not being typical, I have watched over 20 videos on YouTube of others using these devices and have not seen the results like I have gotten with them (and I hav only had them for 2 days) So this is not a magic box (nothing within ITC is) as none exist.

You may buy this and only hear radio scanning. There is no such thing as a magic box and no spirit device will instantly connect anyone with the dead. The most important spirit box, is YOU. YOU have to establish that connection to the other side but when you do, it is with you for life. In fact, you can never shake it even if you wanted to. Once you are fully open and awake, well, you will always have the dead wanting to speak. This is sort of a blessing and a curse but required for deep spirit contact. I see many who think the device is the key and I hope that soon more will realize it is the connection that is most important, and again, that connection? A huge part of it comes from love…again, I say it for a reason “LOVE IS THE KEY”.

Establishing the connection is something anyone can do but you have to want it, you have to have the passion for it, you have to keep hate and negativity from your heart and you have to use the devices correctly. This means focus, meditation, recording the session then spending the hours reviewing the session (you will hear much more in review than real time). So if you want results as you see in my videos (and many ask me how) it just comes out of love for the spirits, the living, respect, focus, and truly understanding the realities of death and what we are. It took me many years to fully “awaken” and get it but when I finally did I truly lost all fear from life, and lost all fear of death.

We never die, our soul is eternal. Even science has proven this just recently.

Yes we can talk with the dead. No they do not talk fluently like we do. It is very hard for them to speak, it requires energy from you and from the environment and it also requires you to be fully open and unafraid of allowing them in. Spirits are energy, they are our soul, our consciousness that lives on beyond our physical self. Spirits = Soul = Energy = Love = Universe. They are all the same thing and this energy can reconnect with the living. It’s been proven by hundreds of people out there over the years and is no longer in question.

With a device such as the $399 Poltercom Progeny or it’s larger sibling it gives us an all in one device that is easy to use, and truly can connect to the other side with pure direct clear communication. I love these spirit box devices.

BTW, I have no affiliation with Paranologies (or ANY other company) nor did I get any discount on my devices. When something is really good, I love to spread the word as I have in the past for apps, and other devices, including my own ; ) 

I happily spent my own money on both of these items and have no complaints. I did pay the $100 rush ship option to get them quicker and it took about 2 weeks and to note, the Paranologies website says it can take up to SIX months to receive a Poltercom (I guess if they get backed up with orders) so read the fine print if you order one of these! Also, I did get one item that was damaged in shipping (Gyroscope) and am awaiting a return label for repair. When I get that back I will share my results using that device as well.

Oh and the title of this post..”The most UNIQUE spirit box in the world?”. Yes, I feel the Poltercom (full size) is the most unique box in the world. With its 3D printed design, physical dial to see the sweep, processor and paint job there is nothing like it being made today by anyone else in ITC. It’s not merely a copycat box but original and unique and like a work of art. That is what all box makers should strive for over the same old same old “put a radio sweep circuit in a box” type of spirit box.

You can see more on these devices at Paranolgies HERE.