Making Deep Contact

Just posted a new video to my YouTube and this time I look back at a classic video clip of mine (one of my faves) and test out a new configuration on a portal I have been tweaking for the last 2-3 months. I establish a deep connection and make contact with the spirits who are attached to me.

As I have said for years, when spirits speak like this they attach to you, and they have confirmed this many times during sessions. Do not confuse spirit attachments with demonic attachments as any spirit that wants to speak, will use our energy to speak and in most cases attach to us. If you do this research and get deep contact, chances are you have an attachment. The good news is these are usually temporary for communication and connection purposes.

These things do not scare me as I have no fear of what I do, hence, no problems. Nine years now and I am alive, well, happy and at peace. I have had my share of bad experiences doing what I do over the years but from those experiences I learned…alot.

It has taken me years to learn how to avoid issues with evil spirits. But this comes from love, compassion, having no fear and never going out to look for evil. Remember that evil feeds off of fear. What I do comes from God and love and it’s my life goal and passion to dig deeper into the mysteries of the afterlife. This video is another one in my long continuing journey.

Here is the new video, and the new session is pretty intense.