Huff Paranormal Patreon. What I offer YOU when you become a member.

Huff Paranormal Patreon. What I offer YOU when you become a member.

Many of you have asked me about my Patreon Page. What is it? Why do I have it? Why does it cost $5 to join? Can you contact my loved one if I do join? What exactly do I get if I join? What are the different tiers and rewards?

Well, I am writing this today to answer all of your questions about this whole “Patreon Thing”.

Bottom line, it’s a special place, a safe place, a spiritual place, a place where like minded individuals hang out, chat and yes, even. make new lifelong friends. It’s a hate free, negative free zone. It’s social yet and also full of love and respect. It’s a place where each month we make connections and validations to loved ones on the other side. There are also live stream Q&A’s and giveaways, and much much more. There has never been anything like it in the world, EVER so it is also unique for being the first of its kind in history.

The Heart of my Patreon: Group Sessions 

My Patreon Page is a spiritual place where each and every month we conduct a group session, a session I record with the goal of reaching the departed loved ones of my Patreon members. They are called “Group Sessions” because it is a group effort. I feel it has to be for the best chance of success. It is not just about me, but about ALL of us, as a group.

The day of the session, Patreon members who want to take part in that months session will do a 15 minute mediation (I give instructions via a video guided meditation) where they reach out to their loved one on the other side. Visualization instructions are given, and even how to feel the energy of those on the other side. After this mediation, later that night I record a full spirit session using my intuition and my devices, hoping to hear messages from loved ones that can validate to my Patreon members that their loved ones heard them and hopefully to relay a message.

Since starting my Patreon Page we have had COUNTLESS validations and this comes direct from the members who leave comments when they hear a message or validation for them. This can be detailed or it can be simple but as I can not control the dead and I can never offer guarantees that someone will receive a message. Some do, some do not. I feel it has to do with the connection established within the mediation (again, I show you how to do this) and my connection on that particular night. Either way, each and every session we have received validations. I will say what I see, what I feel and of course we will hear what comes through the spirit box devices. The group sessions end up being around 60-110 minutes in length and it is a beautiful, if not experimental session that always yields amazing results for some of the patrons. $5 is all it takes to take part in a group session (and you also get more). Keep reading for more info on ALL you get when you are a member of my Patreon.

See the video below that explains more about my Patreon Page. If you want to join and take part in this, you can click HERE to sign up to whatever tier you like.

Be a part of my Innersanctum

My Patreon Page is my “InnerSactum”. A special place for those of you who follow my work, and want even more. It is an exclusive page where you can join in and take part in so many special things. It’s much more than just the group sessions but for $5 you can join, take part in one of those sessions and also benefit in other ways as well. I also have other tiers, which offer even more like Live stream Q&A’s, Giveaways of VERY nice items (Just gave away a 2 foot tall $250 Archangel Michael Statue), educational videos on everything I have learned over the years about spirit communication, a community page where you can talk with other members and share your own experiences and evidence or stories. You also get direct private messaging to me anytime if you have any questions no matter the tier you join.

Patreon is how I am able to continue doing what I do, create new devices, push the limits of spirit research and communication and work full time hours to help expand it and bring this information to the world. If you want to just support my work and keep it moving forward you can even donate $1. Every little bit helps but I love giving BACK TO YOU, so am doing everything I can do to pay you back for being a member.

The Tiers and what you get when you join…

* $5 COPPER Level – Group Sessions – Connecting with Loved Ones EVERY month *

I was the first person in the world to do “Group Session” nights and have been doing them since 2013! Using my devices that I have created, I record a full session that ranges from 1-2 hours in length once per month with the goal of connecting with YOUR loved ones on the other side. It’s easy and you can take part from the comfort of your own home, or no matter where you are at or what time zone you are in. We have had countless validations for patrons with messages from beyond. It’s amazing, miraculous and beautiful. There is also an option for me to read out your name and loved ones name during the session to make it more personal (Gold Tier Members). Only patrons are allowed to take part and see the video/session. Afterwards you can join the discussion about the session and talk about any validations that may be for you. Of course there can never be any guarantees as I can not control who comes in. But I do my best each month and we always have some who get validations. These sessions are NOT live for a dozen different reasons so it doesn’t matter where you are, you can take part every month if you like.

*$10 SILVER Level – Live Streams And Giveaways! *

You get everything in the $5 tier PLUS every two weeks I do a live stream via video, and patrons join in and watch and chat with me in real time. Ask me ANYTHING, and get an honest answer. We may even do live EVP attempts during some streams and I also now give away something special in one of the live streams every month, and do it LIVE. A recorder, dowsing rods, crystals, meters…whatever. I always have something to give away on Live Stream night! It’s fun, positive and sometimes gets deep.

* $25 GOLD Level – Educational Video Series *

You get everything in the $5 and $10 tier PLUS for 2019 I will be releasing one video per month for some Patrons who want to learn how to develop a deep connection to the other side. I believe any of us can do this with the know how and I will teach you all I have learned over the last eight years doing this work. 12 Videos over the year in my new “Masterclass Series” of videos.

* ALL LEVELS – Direct Messaging To Me *

All Patrons can message me direct and get an answer within 2-5 days. Ask me anything.

* ALL LEVELS – Bonus Clips, Early Video Access *

See some of my YouTube videos before anyone else, and see bonus clips I never publish elsewhere! Patron EXCLUSIVES pop in every month!

*ALL LEVELS – Going Deeper”

I will show you guys here first what I am working on, new video clips from new boxes. I will talk more and open up with more personal dialog at times. You guys will get a peek into more of my personal life and what I do day to day.

* ALL LEVELS – Community Section *

There is also a community page for all patrons to chat, meet each other, and even share evidence without ANY FEAR of someone attacking you, calling you crazy or treating you badly. This group is 100% positive and about LOVE. Love is the key!!

May 2019 Patreon Schedule (Subject to Change if my Schedule changes)

Monday May 6th – Live Q&A Stream at 10PM Eastern Time Zone
Wednesday May 22nd – Group Session for ALL (All Tiers Participate, but the Gold tier can leave names).
Monday May 27th – Live Q&A with MASSIVE GIVEAWAY of a BRAND NEW IN BOX $250 Arch Angel Michael Statue! 
Wednesday May 29th – Fourth video in Masterclass series for the Gold Tier: “Daily Affirmations for a Happy Life w/Homework”!

Throughout the month there will be posts, and random behind the scenes video clips and extras for all.

I also offer a YouTube membership that offers one live stream per month, bonus clips and early access to new videos. Info on that HERE.