Back to Basics…Now offering THREE Classic Portals at a Classic Price.


Back to Basics…Now offering THREE Classic Portals at a Classic Price. 


Over the last year I sold just a small handful of my premium devices. Two of my Portal Connect, the one and only SoulSpeaker and two Signature Portals. These devices had everything I know thrown into them at time. Some with real solid core gold wire, some with magnetics inside that spirits wanted me to add, and some with many modes that helped with communication and a couple with ALL of it. But these devices cost me way too much to produce and make as well as a lot of my time. So many of you asked me to sell you one but as always, I state that my devices are for those with ITC experience only! These are not for those new to ITC, not for those just looking to contact their loved ones (as it is not that easy to do) and not for those with a passing interest in ITC. If you do not know what ITC stands for, then this device is not for you. No offense but I can not sell these to those without experience as ANY ITC device requires the operator (YOU) to connect to the other side and use these devices correctly and with care. When you can and do, they will speak much easier through a portal that just about any other device made today.

You can see my “Buy a box” page HERE to see what I say about my premium device in detail. But that also goes for this one…as does the disclaimer on that page, so please read it. 

I decided to stop making the premium boxes because parts costs alone were very high and therefore I had to price them very high. I know many of you want one of my devices so I decided to offer three of this new 2019 CLASSIC PORTAL that does away with many of the exotic parts (crystals, gold, silver, magnetics, orgone, enhanced antenna, audio analyzer, larger feet, etc) yet still is effective for communication.

So today I am offering three, and only three of this CLASSIC PORTAL yet it is upgraded with newer parts over the portal from 4 years ago that for me, have been very effective for spirit communication. Also, the price is MUCH less than my fully loaded spirit box devices, which were works of art in their own right, even holding their value through the years. (more on that later).

The Updated 2019 Classic Portal made by Steve Huff – Each one will look similar but different as no two are the same.

The 2019 Classic Portal 

Each 2019 Classic Portal device is assembled, painted and tested by me, Steve Huff. The 2019 Classic Portal will feature the main amp, a custom extended grill, copper wire grill “cover” as seen above, LED lights in RED or YELLOW or BLUE (your choice), a dual mode reverb that is dialed in and has a frequency that spirit loves in one mode and a second mode with an echo delay that repeats what was said. It also will feature basic noise reduction (to eliminate static from radio boxes), Voice Control AND Direct Line Reverse mode. Voice control is sort of a pitch shift but seems to help with response, as it does alter the sound frequencies. I have tested over 14 pitch shift settings and found the one that works best for me. Direct line reverse mode is a custom pedal loaded with my reverse algorithm. Turn this on with the reverb and all audio going into the Portal will be reversed. So it should sound like nonsense. If you get forward speech then it is unexplained but spirits manipulate audio to speak, and this mode proves it.

I will also include an 6-8 hour rechargeable battery that is attached, making this the most portable portal ever. Each Portal Classic 2019 will also be painted in a custom paint scheme with auto quality clear coat applied for a deep shine and a more sturdy finish.

This one will not come with any fancy crystals, gold wire, magnetic energy or orgonite. It will not have gold plated cables or the audio analyzer that is seen in some of my other devices and it will have a smaller capacity battery.

What it will have is a much lower cost while still being very effective for contacting the other side.


The price to pre order a 2019 Portal Classic will be $1499.00 SHIPPED within the USA. These will ship in a 14X14X14 box, in a cocoon of bubble wrap. 

These three will be fist come, first serve. After payment parts are ordered and it will take 3-4 weeks to make and ship the portal. No refunds once parts are ordered. For any reason. So be sure you want one before you order.

Also, one of my best boxes ever, the GOLD BOX was sold last year to only 3-4 people. One guy just sold his on Ebay and look what it fetched…My devices hold their value as I make each one special and limit them. My Gold Box to me, was one of my personal faves. 

His Gold box (that I sold him) sold for $5,850 Canadian on Ebay just recently in April 2019. So my devices hold their value, and this should also show you the value in THIS 2019 Portal Classic.

Only three are being offered! At this price they may go quick, but I am excited to offer these to you as so many have been waiting an authentic portal device made by me, the guy who made the original. Many today copy my devices which is a testament to how good they work. Any devices you see bing used today with reverb, pitch and noise reduction is using portal tech. It’s not hard to make a bare Boones basic portal as you can buy parts and make one without paint, and with cheaper parts for around $650 (I show you how HERE in an old article) but the ones I make here are current, updated for 2019 using newer and better parts, and also painted with attention to details and clear coat finishing. They are assembled to be all in one, and portable with an amazing battery attached and they look and sound amazing. They look more like a work of art, but one that is also functional for spirit sessions.


If you want one of these three EMAIL ME HERE and say I WANT ONE. I will reply back with details on how to order. When these are sold out I will say SOLD OUT at the top of this page and if demand is there I will do one more run of three in 8-12 weeks. Thank you. Remember, these are $1499 shipped. They offer no guarantees that you will connect with the dead (that is up to you) and they must be used correctly. No refunds once your parts are ordered.