Fact vs Fiction

Fact vs Fiction

For years and years I have been doing what I do here. Doing spirit research, pushing love, light, positivity and finding answers about the afterlife. It’s true, over the last nine years more barriers to the other side have been broken through than ever before. This is due to passionate people who are out in the world researching these things in a way that brings progress. It’s truly an amazing time for ITC and it will continue to grow and because of this growth, more answers will be found about what happens when we die.

But Sadly…

But there are some out there who try to slow or stall this progress, shockingly. Makes no sense to me and I am not sure if it is out of fear, hate or jealousy or all of the above. Some out there refuse to ever believe in anything spiritual and some just feel they are always right or smarter than everyone else. This is sort of the “Cancer” of ITC and they play it off like they are experts (of which there are none) and everyone else is a fraud. It’s clear to see for most but these type of so called ITC Researchers mainly push out drama, hate and nonsense that has nothing to do with real research. They try to knock others down who are actually doing amazing work.

Making up lies, assumptions and complete falsehoods seem to be the way they like to get their attention, as it seems to be the only way they get any. It’s sad and sickening at the same time. Hate is one emotion I avoid at all costs, love is the key as I always say and hate has no part of my life. None. If someone attacks me with lies, I may dislike that person but I would never hate them. Rather I would send love towards them and hope that one day they will feel and see the light.

Lies Lies and more Lies…

But if we are to believe some of what has been said about me..like I used to be an actor, or that I used to create snuff films, or that I am a writer, or that I am really three different men, or that I use CB radios in my devices, or that I am an alien or that I put on a devil mask in a video because I work with the devil (I did wear a devil mask in a video years ago but it was me showing that ANYONE can be scary when wearing a scary mask. That was aimed at a hate filled individual at the time who wore masks to push hate and I was pushing LOVE..it was a lesson I wanted to teach about hate ).

I could go on and on about things that have been said about me that were all out lies but there is no point as the point is the fact that people lie for attention, for hate and for reasons of jealousy. I hate to say that but it is true. When you are at the top of your game, no matter what that is, you will attract those who hate you because they somehow feel they are better than you and can not understand why they are not as popular. The reality is they are not popular because they push drama, hate and lies. They aquire a following of like minded individuals who are negative by nature and the downward spiral continues like a never ending bad dream. It hurts my soul to see this but again, a fact of life no matter what you do in life. I see hate in every niche on youtube. The popular person gets attacked simply because they are popular by those who feel they should be popular. It’s silly really. The way to succeed in what you do is to be authentic, real, offer something unique and be a good person. Plain and Simple.


It is pretty sad to say the least as none of these things said about me are true. I am all about facts, truth, love and my heart and soul is deeply embedded into what I do here. I state the truth, and some seem to not like the truth so they go on the attack. For example, some attacked me when I debunked the myth of the Dybbuk Box, and yes, it is a man made myth! Some do not like the truth or feel they know the real truth even when evidence to the contrary is put in their face. 

My Devices…The Portal…

Make no mistake…what I do, and my devices, have been proven. Yes, proven. Live, at events, with others using them, on TV, on the radio, and all over the world. In hundreds of videos as well. Yes, proven. Anyone who says my Portal device is fake has not done their research or are so full of hate they just will say anything for attention. Here is another fact… While my device has been proven, I rarely EVER sell one. I sell maybe 3-4 per year and ONLY to those with ITC experience. In fact, I never promote my boxes but get emails every day begging me to sell them. The demand is there and crazy but it’s not what I want to do as my device, as I have said for years, IS NOT for everyone. Many out there sell my device- every day fake versions of them. But not me as this kind of thing is only for select individuals.

In fact I could make a mint and sell 100-200 per year if I wanted to but the truth is just as I state it on my “Buy a Huff Box” page. I rarely offer them and again, when I do it is usually for a team, a TV show, or someone like me who is an experienced researcher (I am finishing a basic portal for a TV show now, charged them only for parts and some time). On that page, I actually tell the truth about my device and communication in general. It is not for someone with a passing interest in communication. That’s not how it works. In fact that’s one reason I do not offer one on one sessions for people, as I could never guarantee who would come through. We have no control over spirit or who comes in, and when someone says they can control who comes in during a spirit session, well, they are the fraud as that’s not reality. Spirit communication comes with no guarantees, ever. Remember, there are no experts.

That has been my position for seven years now. My device is only for those with a deep passion for ITC and experience, and if you read the BUY A BOX page you will learn why it is only for certain individuals. But never ever buy any device thinking you can connect to your loved ones as that is something that is VERY hard to obtain and do. I have said this for years. Is it possible? Yes, 100%. Is it likely? No, unless you have passion, persistence, dedication, open yourself up and use correct technique with whatever ITC device you use.

My Group Sessions…

It’s why I do my sessions for loved ones only as a group, and I require the group to meditate and focus on their loved ones. It’s a process and it works. We have had amazing success with these group night sessions. So to those out there saying I sell my boxes for $4000 to those grieving for a loved one, wrong. I have NEVER promoted my devices like that, nor would I. In fact I state the opposite. I do not even promote my boxes. Watch my YouTube videos, when do you ever see me trying to sell a box? …Exactly.

My device works, but only for those who know what they are doing and use it correctly. In these situations, it is an invaluable tool that can truly help connect to the other side. INVALUABLE. But again, for those who can connect and know what they are doing. This goes for ANY device you use from an app to a radio to a portal.


The fact is most who use apps do not even use those correctly but a good app can be an incredible spirit communication tool. Establishing a connection is a must, as the most important and effective spirit box in the world is US, we just have to unlock it and use it, learn how to use our own abilities which we all have built in to us. But most do not even meditate, or focus or record the sessions and do a deep review, all mandatory for a serious deep session. But then again, I take this work more seriously than anything I have ever done in life.

Selling my Boxes..costs…

When I do sell a box to someone with experience you bet your behind I sell it for $2500-$4000, depending on the model. I have models that have cost me $2,500 just in parts alone, then my time to make it. If someone with experience wants one of my devices, and they understand and agree to the realities that I point out, then it is their choice to buy it and spend the money. But again, my device has been proven over and over and over again. It works when the person using it can connect and knows what they are doing. I know of one other person who sells his boxes for $5-$13k and there is nothing wrong with that as we are dealing with something unique, something special and something that has the possibility to do what nothing else on earth can do. It’s like an arist who sells his paintings for $30,000. My “art” is functional and for some a tool that has the ability to change lives. Even those who buy fake portals that others make love them, and benefit from them. But since I am the creator of the portal and technology used in it, my devices that I make are special and take time to make. Believe this… many others out there profit so much more than I ever will from MY DEVICE. I make not a cent from all the shops selling my old original basic portal (which I show you how to make for yourself on this website and have for years) The boxes I make and offer are fully loaded works of art that truly can connect and receive clear messages from the other side when used correctly and a connection is established (all of which I have shown how to do over the years). FACT: No one on earth has ever successfully debunked my device. Some think they have but in reality, no they haven’t as it is not possible to do. When you get a solid connection through the portal and have a direct conversation of sorts, it’s a special thing, and yes, it happens and has been documented.


I am also hated for refusing TV shows. Many do not understand why I turn down TV shows as so many out there think that is some sort of holy grail (getting a show) and many get into the paranormal by emulating TV personalities. Great entertainment but for the most part it is not reality and I am based in 100% reality, not TV reality. For me, TV is not a Holy Grail or even a goal. It’s not and it’s actually something that I see as a negative. TV is not reality and TV has no interest in real reality when it comes to Paranormal. So I turn down shows and tell the networks I have no interest in staging evidence. So some out here hate me for saying these things as they think TV is the best thing ever. It’s not, it’s the opposite. I can only be happy doing my research in my way. NO bravado, NO faking and NO nonsense. Reality, and yes, reality is much different than TV and movies portray. Plus there is no money in TV when you are hired as “talent” as everyone is for TV. So it would be a waste of time to do a show that is full of nonsense when I could be spending that time doing real research on my own time. I’d rather make minimal cash being real and being me than making minimal cash and selling out my soul. Fame, not interested in it. I do not hate or despise TV shows, but I take them for what they are…a little reality blended with some scripted entertainment.

I would not be here after all of these years still doing what I do if it was not a part of who I am. The first 6-7 years I took a huge financial loss, in the tens of thousands of dollars doing what I do. It has only been in the last 1 1/2 years that I was able to finally break even financially and come out ahead a little. Finally. My life has been poured into this and as long as it can pay for itself from now on, or even better, make me a little money then BEAUTIFUL. Research, progress being made, no money lost. This is good ; )

LOVE is the KEY

The fact of the matter is, what I do here and have done for years brings peace, happiness, love and serenity. I recieve emails every day with thanks, appreciation and at times, those who say my work has changed and saved their lives. This for me is the best gift of all, and another fact is that those who appreciate and get something from what I do far outnumbers the small crowd who peddles hate and negativity. Again, love always beats hate, always.


It’s sad to see those who live a life of hate and negativity just spew nonsense and even sadder to see when others believe it. As people we tend to just believe anything negative we hear but some of us have a hard time believing in good, in love and in positivity. People love drama even when it is based on false info and lies. It’s interesting indeed but just human nature I guess. I am happy I left my negativity many years ago as life is so much better without it. Some try to use negativity and hate as a way to prop themselves up and get attention, but that attention will always be short lived. Trying to build success from hating others is a losing solution, every time. This is a fact.

Bottom line is I am still here, will always be here and will always do my best to make progress within ITC and spirit communication. Hate and lies will never effect what I do. Never has, never will.

Love you all and remember that LOVE IS THE KEY! See my newest video here which is a 45 Minute live Q&A!