This New Spirit Communication Device is Miraculous.

This New Spirit Communication Device is Miraculous.

Hello again everyone! Just wanted to share my latest video with you guys as I have been working on a new spirit box that is one where I have spared no expense in making. It’s my statement piece, my “Signature” box and it sounds and performs amazing.

I am the guy who created/invented the original Portal years ago. It was basic, it was simple. It was effective. I was the guy who discovered that reverb frequencies, certain ones, seemed to help spirits with communication (today I have learned much more on that) but back then, while I feel it was a breakthrough in ITC (as others seem to because almost all boxes made today by others now use reverb) I knew all along it could get better. It was not perfect.

One thing I learned over these past few years is that spirits need and use energy to come through and speak. They like to use our energy as well as we are the #1 spirit box ever created, yes US..ME, YOU…. Once we learn how to tap into it, and the energy of the Universe itself we can accomplish amazing things working with spirits. But that alone is not enough. Once we get that connection it is still hard for spirit to speak, where we can hear them clearly.

That is where my devices come in. My new Signature portal acts like a beacon, and with our own energy and connection it can truly help bring spirits in, as well as give them the energy to speak clearer, more direct and longer. But again, it’s still not perfect and perfect will never ever exist just due to the way spirits do speak. For me, for now, this is as good as it gets. Using it in my last group session, calling out the names and getting a direct clear answer and message, many times in the voice the spirit had in life. Messages of love, peace, happiness and even end of life memories. Bringing audible validation to those here on earth. It’s a miraculous thing and something never ever accomplished in the history of the world, at this kind of level. Sure we have had the old white noise EVP that were hard to hear, we have had radio scanners scanning 100MPH where we had to dig through the noise to find a one word or two word reply. We have had reverb soaked devices that make it hard to understand what is being said…and the beauty is all of these devices that have come before have helped pave the way for what is now.

I have spent years of my life devoted to this research. I take it seriously. I am not a ghost hunter, I am not out to copy boring TV shows that do the same tired thing over and over, I am not here to taunt or mock the dead, and I am not here to be fake or over the top in what I say or do. I am not here to have an Ego nor am I here for attention, or fame. I am here for the sole reason of ITC research. Real ITC Research. I do not play the games, dive into drama, or seek attention by spewing hate. I do what I do and I do it for LOVE. For the spirits and the living. To prove and show our soul never dies, we are eternal.

It’s funny but a message came in during my group session that said “Born Forever” which means we are born and then we are forever. Our soul never dies. Death is not something to fear, as it is a natural part of our soul journey. Fear itself is our #1 enemy in life, not each other. Love is the key, and I am here and will be here to show you all that death is never the end.

But this new box…and the new video…

I included all I have learned in almost nine years of spirit ITC research and I go over it in the video below. I also share the news on someone who stole my GoPro 7 last week! Overall a fun video and sharing the news on the new box as well as three tests during the progress of making it.

As mentioned, I used it in my full group session two nights ago and it did AMAZING, and made this group session the best one I have ever recorded. Clear answers from loved ones came through to validate for many patrons.

The good news is I am only 80% done with this box, it will get a little but better ; ) This will be the box I use for the rest of the year as I do not see how I can improve it further THIS year. I will start working on something new that I hope allows spirits to hear US better than they do. But I do not expect that to come to be until 2020.

Over at my Patreon I have been sharing clips of the new box for a couple of weeks, as Patrons see all of the behind the scenes stuff first. If you want to see more of what I do over there, you can read about it HERE. 

Anyway, enjoy the video!