No I am not In danger. In fact, quite the opposite. Fear is what kills us.

No I am not In danger. In fact, quite the opposite. Fear is what kills us. 
By Steve Huff
It Never Fails…

So this morning I woke up to a few emails from all kinds of people saying they are mediums, or work in ITC, psychics or whatever. Maybe 4 of them. So not a ton, but this was just today. I have been getting these kinds of emails for eight years, ever since starting. It’s why I wrote this article last year:

Nearly ALL of these people who wrote me today have only have seen my latest video (see it here or below and please do watch it to the end), and it scared them. They have not seen my work from the last year, and have no idea of my journey. One even said “I saw you started making videos again yesterday”. Umm. Ok.

My latest video, and it may scare some (though it is not made for entertainment) but it will be eye opening to others. Watch all of it, and see. the messaging and lesson within it. Some will see it, some may not but it is there. 

It gets frustrating because this is so so old to me, and most people like this do not seem to be able to understand my outlook on it, or my complete 100% lack of fear of what I do, and lack of fear of death. I truly have none. It’s not me just “saying” I have no fear, it’s real. I have none. I attribute that to fully realizing and harnessing God’s love energy, what I speak of often.

I am pushed and have been pushed from within to do what I do, ever since I started. I believe it is to spread the word of love, kindness, empathy in a time when the world doesn’t seem to have much of it. I believe it is to show people that yes, we do physically die but our soul never ever dies, and yes there are consequences to our actions while we are here on earth. I feel we can all redeem our soul while still alive. If we have done bad things, we can change the path by changing who we are. So my message to all is always going to be about living life with love, kindness and respect. Be a good person.

Yet anytime I post a “scary” video, some come out of the woodwork to email me saying how much danger I am in. This comes from THEIR fear, which is why I say “fear is our biggest enemy”. Their fear makes them believe I am going to die, or be hurt or whatever. They then send me messages spreading that fear to me, with horrific messages. This has been going on for EIGHT YEARS!

Some who call themselves mediums, or even God’s messengers have predicted my doom for all of these years. Some said I would be dead by 2015, then 2016, then 2017, 2018. It’s ridiculous and not based in reality or fact but mostly by Hollywood movies and TV shows that ave always portrayed this work as dark, or evil. MOVIES ARE NOT REAL. PERIOD.

Some said I would be homeless by 2016. All of this coming from “mediums”. These days that term “medium” gets abused and used horribly by some who scam, or truly think they are spreading some sort of divine message when they are not. This is why I would never call myself a medium, and choose to just go by “Spirit Communicator”. I am not a medium, but rather a person who connects with and can communicate with the other side, all areas of the other side. Even so I would NEVER write someone telling them “You are going to die, God told me, I am a medium”!! No, that’s not how it works and any real medium can tell you this.

It’s interesting though. When I post videos with messages of love from spirits, or messages from those who say they are angels people say “It’s just the devil tricking you”, yet when I post a message of a recording from a spirit saying he is the Devil, they say “See, I told you’! These people only believe in Evil and that boggles my mind. They focus only on fear, the bad, and never believe in the good.

As I said in my last video, you can not expect to do what I do, or what Josh does and not encounter the bad. Some think it is all bad, which is a warped sense of reality, and a negative outlook. Without Bad there could be no Good. So there is good, there is bad. I follow my instinct, my guides and trust in the guides who say they keep me protected. It has done me pretty well so far, after eight years.

Again, my life is peaceful, quiet, full of love, and serenity. I do not go out on facebook all day looking for attention, nor do I seek approval or validation from anyone for doing what I do. I just do it as I am led to, for the reasons I have talked about at great length in the past. I keep to myself and do what I do, and do it in a way that has come from years of learning, and years of experience. I have been taught many lessons and while there was a time when I did this in a careless fashion, those days are over. Most who email these messages of nonsense have no idea of the depth of my work, or me. LOVE is the KEY.

That is my main message, and if I FEAR the dark forces who may not like my message, and cower down that means I would not be a very good messenger of love ; )

BTW, those who email me these messages are in NO WAY “Haters” or “Trolls”. They are letting fear control their emotions, and even beliefs and truly feel I will be dead next week if I do not stop. These types have predicted my doom for all of these years yet the opposite has come of it. Instead of being dead, or homeless or whatever I am full of love, have now realized GOD is within me (in us all) and have chosen love over hate. My life is wonderful! So no, I am not in danger but I am dedicated to doing what I do and will always push on until the day comes that I can not. It may seem silly to some of you now, but believe me when I say that what I and a few others (a small handful) have started here many years ago will one day snowball into something beautiful. A world with more loved and kindness. Do you think our creator looks down and is happy with the state of the world and our behavior? That is an easy answer. NO. The world needs to know that yes, we do go on after death and yes where we go after death may be determined by our actions here while alive. Our soul craves love, not hate. Anyway, hopefully this will sink into those who feel they need to email me with their false prophecies. ; )

Love you all, have a great rest of your Sunday!!