Amazing Validations from my latest Huff Paranormal Patreon Group Session!

Amazing Validations from my Latest Group Session!

Wow, my Feb 2019 group session over at my Pateron was absolutely amazing. It was truly mind blowing and we had a record number of solid validations come in from loved ones on the other side for patrons. The quotes you see here on this page in red are just a few of the over 100 comments from Patrons regarding this one hour and 40 minute session (feb 2019).

The beauty of it all is we get validations yet I do not even know who will participate, let alone details of any spirit who we try to get come through. Even so, we continue to get messages month after month. Messages that bring comfort to those here on this side who are wondering about their loved ones on the other side.

A short video overview of my Patreon and the Group Session I do every month there (see more info HERE)

I use my device and my own connection in an attempt to bring forth messages from heaven, and it is undeniable and quite frankly, miraculous.

“Ommmmgggg! During your calling out of mine and my mother’s name…you can clearly hear a female voice that sounded exactly like my mom saying “AM HAPPY”!!!!

That was her!!!….I asked her to let us know she was happy and okay..dear God!” – Dianna (Patron)

Never in the history of the world has this kind of communication been possible or been achieved where you can audible hear the spirit speak and leave the message, so clearly. What I do is real, not faked, staged, scripted or planned. It is something special to behold and I am blown away at how many of my Patrons have received a message last month. It validates their loved ones and also validates many things for me, spiritually.

My group night is the one special night of the month that I always look forward to. I only do these sessions over at my Patreon page, for all patrons there, no matter the level or tier. Everyone and anyone who is a patron can participate. I can not offer any guarantees as I can not control who comes through but each month we have messages for some who take part, and it is a beautiful thing.

“Hey Steve. Oh my god!! I’m in 8:25 listening…. so I had my first meditation where I think I connected ….Now at 8:24 a female voice sounding like my nana says in my home language Croatian “dođi rekla sam da ću doći”…. meaning  “come, i said that i will come”. I am awestruck Steve. She is the sweetest biggest heart.. just like you Steve. Thank kindly for making this possible for me… I’m blown away” – Zeljka (Patron)

Two days before the session I post a video on how to take part along with a special mediation that guides you to connect with your loved one on the other side. It shows you how to do this, how to feel their energy and how to ask them to leave you a message through me, on group night. It sounds crazy but it’s real and it works.

Then I record the session, and read off many names of some of the Patrons looking to receive a validation. I have my Signature Portal running and I also use my intuitive skills to relay what I am being shown as messages come through the device in real time. I never know who will come in, what will come in, but it is always special as I feel nothing but love energy during these sessions.

“You called on my sister Heather and said you could see her slapping the back of my head and calling me a dork…that is totally something she would do….I believe she showed me taking a drug that turned out to be something much worse than she thought. Thank you Steve!” – Josh (Patron)

The session is posted to Patreon for all to see and then we discuss the results. If you received a validation you can confirm it and if you did not you can discuss as well. This is where many truly realize how amazing this is as messages do come through. Meaningful things, details, and validations of love and peace on the other side.

“…my wife’s father came in and validated. He was an old school man who was digging a hole in the backyard before he passed. He passed of an aortic aneurysm, the ambulance took him to a clinic in Morenci Arizona. There is no hospital in Morenci just a clinic. He was taken by helicopter to a hospital and passed in the helicopter on the way to the hospital. His 10 year anniversary of his passing was Valentine’s Day. Thank You Steve” Lightning Survivor (Patron)

This stuff blows me away, even after nine years researching life after death. It never gets old, it just motivates me more and more to keep pushing ahead on many fronts. To not only improve communication with devices and our own personal connection, but to find answers, to help the living and the dead, and to always show love and respect to all. Love is the Key, as I have said for years now. Love builds the connection to the other side, as it builds respect and trust. It’s miraculous.

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