Taking a LIVE CALLER and Connecting..LIVE.

Taking a LIVE CALLER and Connecting..LIVE.

By Steve Huff

Hello to everyone! First of all, much love to you reading this. Thank you for being here and for having interest in what I do. I am so thankful to all of you who have been with me for all of these years, and can happily say that I have many more years of this research ahead of me ; )

Last week I did a live show on YouTube as I was asked by Jason Bland if I would like to be on Paranormal Soup, LIVE. To take live  calls and run my Portal while we take these calls. Of course I jumped at the chance s I love being on that show. So laid back, fun and always a great time. During the show I took many calls, and I am still reviewing the footage from most of it but one stuck out to me, and you can see that portion below.

The video speaks for itself but also shows that yes I do and have done this live (many many times) and the results are still there. This video has a great validation about our four legged friends here on this earth.

Remember that our souls never die. Never. Our souls, our conciseness, our spirit are all the same thing and it lives on after death for eternity. There are many places it can go, and yes the dead can merge with the living to make themselves known to those who are open to receive. Our animals, which are some of the most innocent souls on earth are there as well in that same energy form. In the spirit realm, we are all equal.

Love you all.